Southern Sky

Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur
Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur

Hi ASOD, in my country there are not a good average of cloudless nights, and that to say of my city, however the weather of January and February has left draw these sectors of south sky with my binoculars 10×50.

Hola ASOD, en mi país no hay un buen promedio de noches despejadas y que decir de mi ciudad, sin embargo el clima de principio de año me ha dejado dibujar estos 4 sectores del cielo sur con mis binoculares 10×50.

1. Crux: 23 feb 2015, 06:7 UT.
2. Lambda centauri: 14 jan 2015, 07:58 UT.
3. Eta carinae: 12 jan 2015, 07:46 UT.
4. Pléyades del sur: 07 jan 2015, 07;32 UT.

Location: Medellín, Colombia.
Media: Graphite Pencil- 2H, HB, 2B, PS invert.
Optical instrument: Celestron Binoculars 10×50.

this are me first contribution, I hope you will enjoy it.

The tropical Scorpion

"The tropical Scorpion", the constellation Scorpio as seen over South Vietnam
“The tropical Scorpion”, the constellation Scorpio as seen over South Vietnam

Last month my family visited the home town in southern Vietnam where (my) wife’s mother lives. Several days and nights passed too fast as (they) always did to appreciate enough the tropical life and nature. The feeling of daily life here is always bright , busy, active,pleasant ,greenish,abundant and warm and noisy, the sun shines far intensely than in Korea, every roads every rivers flooding with motorcycles , boats , peoples, …. One late afternoon we visited a near temple to pray, have a conversation with a Buddhist priest ,rest until the sun set and ate noodles in a small restaurant near the temple . When the darkness spread on the west horizon where still remained in vermillion hue, I could see the magnificent Scorpion in full of stars, constellation rising 40 degree altitude which I always could only see the scorpions head in Korea, my location. Reaching mother’s house I aimed my hand binocular at the scorpion’s tail and I saw 7-8 globular, 8-10 open clusters. On the other nights I saw the Sirius hang on almost 75 degree altitude and the Altair hang on the zenith. I love Vietnamise song much, that helps artwork,astronomy together . —————-

Object; Constellation scorpio

Observe/ Sketch for 2 hours; (September) 9, 2014

Water color painting for 4 hours ; (September) 10, 2014

naked eye (with eyeglasses) , x1 power

Location ; Southern Vietnam ,T.P.Cantho near Equator [ ca 5 degree N]

White paper [50 x35 cm] with pencils , watercolors with brushies

Jupiter in the Constellation Gemini

Jupiter in the constellation Gemini - December 4, 2013
Jupiter in the constellation Gemini – December 4, 2013
Jupiter in the constellation Gemini - December 4, 2013 original sketch
Jupiter in the constellation Gemini – December 4, 2013 original sketch

Jupiter was almost directly at zenith and very bright. It was also located directly atop the star Gemini Delta. I could spot all four Galilean moons easily through my binoculars. Towards the end of this sketch, a heavy mist/fog rolled in, diffusing my view…

Object: Jupiter in constellation Gemini
Date: December 4th, 2013 – 4:30 – 5am CT
Location: New Braunfels, Texas – front yard
Conditions: 54°F, misty/fog
Instruments: 10×50 Wide-Angle Binoculars
Medium: Graphite on white sketch paper, inverted
(see the original sketch)

Thank You,
Jen Bishop

Stars of Jen

Southern Skies Over Bogotá

The southern skies over Bogotá, Colombia on March 29, 2014
The southern skies over Bogotá, Colombia on March 29, 2014

Object name: Crux and Centaurus constellations

Object type: Constellation

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Date: March 29, 2014 1+30 hours

Media: Digital sketch with adobe photoshop CS2, based on a graphite pencil sketch

Equipment: Naked eye view

Seeing conditions: moonless, transparency 2/3, Bortle 8.

Hello all,

I live in a city with around 9 million of people, just located at 4 degrees north from the ecuador. The light pollution is very intense but I feel also blessed that I can see both hemispheres at the same time from my location. I tried to reproduce the bright of my sky in a clear night in Bogotá and the stars that can be seen in it. I feel I´m improving on Photoshop but there is a long way of trying and learning.

Thanks to all for watching!

Clear Skies.

Orion’s belt stars

Orion's Belt
Orion’s Belt

Hello ASOD, here join my last watercolor

Object Name (Orion’s belt stars and M42)
Object Type (Constellation and nebulae)
Location (Porquerolles on board of Aquarellia)
Date (02-10-2013)
Media (watercolor on white paper, for inverting the sky)

In the night of October the first, our old two masts Aquarellia was anchoring close to the harbour of Porquerolles, one of the three “Provencal golden islands”.
At one o’clock in the night I wake me up,… maybe ‘cause of some wave noise? I was surprised by seeing the Orion’s belt stars and M42 rising close to the ‘Sainte Agathe’ fort. With my 7×50 binoculars I sketch this original encounter, the mythic Orion warrior at the rear of a real castle.
The French coast, here in my nord, is full of light pollution but to my surprise, the castle illumination was the only light in the sight. The island is not so close to the polluted coast, so the Orion’s constellation was pure in the dark while rising.
This watercolour was made on board with local salt water (;

I hope you enjoy

Michel Deconinck

Facets of the Dolphin

Objects in Delphinus
Objects in Delphinus

Dolphin Constellation

several objects

Location: The Bullaque – Ciudad Real – Spain

Date: 2013 – September – 01

Media: Graphite Pencil HB, torchon drawing sheet 1 and 130g

Inverted colors with GIMP 2.8

The Dolphin is a summer constellation modest, but can be very interesting for the amateur observer. Spend an evening full observation of its four most significant objects two planetary nebulae and two globular clusters, has been very rewarding.

When observed at the same time, are more striking differences between the two planets:
NGC 6905 is sees as a small disk, very bright and is easily distinguished in the field, and
NGC 6891 is quite the opposite, very small, very bright and compact, ie stellar appearance, difficult to distinguish from the other stars in the field.

The two globular clusters are very different concentration among them, but the different distances from us makes visual texture is very similar:
NGC 6934 (Class VII and 50,000.) Is bright, large, round, with denser center, feathered edges and mottled texture, and
NGC 7006 (Class I and 150,000 al.) Is less bright, somewhat smaller, round, with denser center, feathered edges and mottled texture.
A sample of observation is the sketch I made (picture above).

Finding NGC 6891 has been a challenge, stellar appearance has remained up to 200x and only from the 220x has started to show a very small round and compact disc.
The UHC filter and averted vision were needed in the localization and subsequent observation of nebulae.
For all objects have the best view obtained with the 220x. Good quality of the sky with a 21.41 SQM (roughly Male zone 6 was 6.2).

Greetings to all visitors of this page

Pedro Villamiel 09/04/2013

Cygnus through an Airplane Window


Object Name : Cygnus through an airplane window.
Object Type : constellation
Location : In the airplane, 10Km height above Guinea
Date : 8 June 2013 23:45
Media : Sketced S Note by Galaxy Note 10.1

For business, I visited Africa. I moved from South Africa to Senegal by an airplane.
I just looked outside the window, I saw Cygnus, Lyra, NGC7000 and etc.
First, I sketched this image using pencils and memo paper. Then I re-sketecd the image using my tablet pc.
I cannot forget the fantasic image forever through the window at that night.

Altair83 Observers at Flassans

Altaïr83 Club Observing
Altaïr83 Club Observing

Object Name (form Orion to Venus)
Object Type (End winter sky)
Location (Flassans-sur-Issole Provence France)
Date (3/16/2012 )
Media (graphite pencil, watercolour, white paper, software

During the March 16th night the Flassans-sur-Issole, a nice south France site was sketched with some observers of the Altaïr83 club. The site is mainly used for astrophotography I liked the red light effect of the atmosphere, brilliant eyes and red led. On my sketch we can see from left to right the Orion constellation, the Hyades, Pleiades and near the horizon, Venus close to Jupiter.

I made this sketch using graphite pencil, then I put the red colour effect in my workshop then I had to reverse the sky via

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo
Mars in Leo

Hello astro-artists

I send you a Mars and Regulus conjunction sketch made this morning, November 13th 2011 at 4h50 UT.

The technique used is watercolour for the foreground and inverted graphite pencil for the sky.

To merge my sketches I use the free software.

The chimneys are typical for my Provencal region. Observation made from Rocbaron in France.

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

My Mate Scorpius


Hover mouse over image to view labels.

Object type: constellation
Location: Itajobi, SP, Brazil (on a farm)
21º19′ S
49º03′ W
Date: July 2011
Media: 2B 0.5mm graphite pencil on white paper, scanned then inverted
Instrument: naked eye and 10×50 binoculars
Observer: Rodrigo Pasiani Costa

July 2011 was definitely a great month for me to observe the night sky. In fact it didn’t rain at all, so I could set my telescope on my mom’s farm several times. I spent many hours a night observing, sometimes from seven pm (local time) untill half past trhee am (local time), and I would be alone if not for a mate: Scorpius, high above in the sky, always looking at me from the top, crossing from East to West through the zenit. So, between one object and another, I skethed this fascinating constellation together with some of its stellar clusters and nebulosity. The details were observed with a 10×50 binoculars, but the stars and the Milky Way were observed with the naked eye. I hope you enjoy it, it took me three or four nights, and was a great experience.
Oh, I could not forget. Past September 24th was the 18th birthday of my friend Camila. Happy birthday, Camila, enjoy the great dark sky you have from your garden.

More July sketches coming soon.
Dark skies to everybody.
From Brazil,
Rodrigo P. C.