Southern Sky

Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur
Crux, Lambda centauri, Eta carinae, Pléyades del sur

Hi ASOD, in my country there are not a good average of cloudless nights, and that to say of my city, however the weather of January and February has left draw these sectors of south sky with my binoculars 10×50.

Hola ASOD, en mi país no hay un buen promedio de noches despejadas y que decir de mi ciudad, sin embargo el clima de principio de año me ha dejado dibujar estos 4 sectores del cielo sur con mis binoculares 10×50.

1. Crux: 23 feb 2015, 06:7 UT.
2. Lambda centauri: 14 jan 2015, 07:58 UT.
3. Eta carinae: 12 jan 2015, 07:46 UT.
4. Pléyades del sur: 07 jan 2015, 07;32 UT.

Location: Medellín, Colombia.
Media: Graphite Pencil- 2H, HB, 2B, PS invert.
Optical instrument: Celestron Binoculars 10×50.

this are me first contribution, I hope you will enjoy it.

Luna Through Cloud

The six day old crescent Moon through the clouds - April 16, 2013
The six day old crescent Moon through the clouds – April 16, 2013

Not really an astronomical observation more a romantic interlude.

Best to all, Dale

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Rabbit on the Moon

The Rabbit on the Moon, a naked eye sketch showing a commonly recognized pattern - November 5, 2014
The Rabbit on the Moon, a naked eye sketch showing a commonly recognized pattern – November 5, 2014

Rabbit On The Moon
Lunar Observing Pattern
Pilanesberg Game Reserve South Africa
5th November
Jet Black Canford Paper with White Pastel Pencil. Used a smartphone to take a picture and crop.
Sketched on holiday in South Africa – The ‘Rabbit on the Moon’ pattern really jumps out at you from Southern Skies and creates a whole new observing experience if you are used to the Northern hemisphere.

Southern Skies Over Bogotá

The southern skies over Bogotá, Colombia on March 29, 2014
The southern skies over Bogotá, Colombia on March 29, 2014

Object name: Crux and Centaurus constellations

Object type: Constellation

Location: Bogotá, Colombia

Date: March 29, 2014 1+30 hours

Media: Digital sketch with adobe photoshop CS2, based on a graphite pencil sketch

Equipment: Naked eye view

Seeing conditions: moonless, transparency 2/3, Bortle 8.

Hello all,

I live in a city with around 9 million of people, just located at 4 degrees north from the ecuador. The light pollution is very intense but I feel also blessed that I can see both hemispheres at the same time from my location. I tried to reproduce the bright of my sky in a clear night in Bogotá and the stars that can be seen in it. I feel I´m improving on Photoshop but there is a long way of trying and learning.

Thanks to all for watching!

Clear Skies.

Full Moon of Korean Thanksgivi​ng Day

Full Moon on Korean Thanksgiving-September 19, 2013
Full Moon on Korean Thanksgiving-September 19, 2013

Last Sep 19th is Korean Thanksgiving Day.

It is the most important holiday of Korea, the date is always Aug 15th in the lunar calendar.

I saw the bright full moon at holiday night.

And jujube tree fruits twinkle under moonshine.

So I drew a picture using my smart phone.

Media : Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (S Note App)

Location : S. Korea

Date : Sep 19th, 2013

Mars, Jupiter and a Crescent Moon for Breakfast

Mars, Jupiter and Crescent Moon - October 29, 2013
Mars, Jupiter and Crescent Moon – October 29, 2013

Object Name : night sky
Object Type : Planets, stars and moon
Location : Montréal, Canada
Date: October 29th 2013
Media: pastel, white and pink gel pens on black paper

Unable to sleep I decided to get up early on October 29th. It was 5:00 in the morning and the air was crisp but the sight was absolutely gorgeous. I decided to get my pastels and try my best to represent the ambiance and colors of the scenery. Mars was at the left side of a crescent moon and Jupiter hanging high at the right hand side with Castor and Pollux (Gem)

Jean Barbeau

Perseid Heading through Andromeda

Perseid - August 13, 2013
Perseid – August 13, 2013

Object Name: Meteor
Object Type: Perseid
Location: Sketched at a dark sky sight in Bristol, UK
Date: 13th August 2013; 00:40am; conditions – very good
Media (graphite pencil sketch and then digitized using graphics tablet and Photoshop)

I usually sketch in some detail (mainly HB and 2B). I then scanned the result into Photoshop and sharpened the sketch.

Observing Details

Had intended to spend an evening under dark skies watching the Perseids. Started out at 11:30pm but after numerous bright meteors over the next hour or so I decided it might be worth trying to accurately sketch one. This meteor came out of Cassiopeia and headed towards Andromeda Galaxy and broke in two as it trailed away. Frustratingly while I was sketching the background stars (and looking down) my pad was illuminated by a flash and on glancing up I realised I had missed a monster heading towards Pegasus – I could see the smoking trail for a good 2 secs. Suffering for my art? Perhaps!!

Hope you enjoy,

Clear Skies

Chris Lee

Star Party under the Perseids

Perseid Star Party - August 11, 2013
Perseid Star Party – August 11, 2013

Object Name (Just a Perseid)
Object Type (Falling star and star party)
Location (Sainte Anastasie sur Issole – Provence)
Date (august 11th 2013)
Media (watercolour on 300gr paper – dim : 25cm/65cm)

The national star night, august 10th 2013 with AFA (Astronomical French Association)
At night, a lot of curious, tourist or passionate are join us under thousands of stars, fixed or falling.
A storyteller playing Celtic harp tells children “how they tried to assassinate Jupiter.” Another storyteller playing bagpipe tells the strange story of the constellations, the gods who watch us from the sky. A dozen of telescopes were in place, including a real antiquity made before the first edition of the Messier catalogue… Workshop were organised around magnitudes and star colours. Children dancing as orbited around our big model of Jupiter and its four main moons…
All this achieved thanks to the Sainte Anastasie’s municipality, turned off the lights around our observation field.
For all of us, this night was,… an astronomical success!

Michel Deconinck

Smartphone Sketch at 2012 Australia Expedition

2012 Australia Expedition
2012 Australia Expedition

Last week’s way to work, I drew one picture about the australia expedition in 2012.

I used digital painting application in smartphone.

(Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S Note)

Eight celestial objects are in this drawing. 🙂

The surface of smartphone is very slippery.

So It is very hard to draw exquisitely.

If you want to exactly understand this picture,

please refer to below video clip.

( or

– Location : Leyburn, QLD, Australia

– Date : November, 2012

– Media : Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S Note

S Pen

Trigger finger

Nightwid 無雲