Gleam of the Hunter’s Sword

Gleam of the Hunter’s Sword

M42 and M43, The Great Nebula of Orion
Sketch and Details by Gábor Sánta

The Great Orion Nebula (M 42-43) is the best winter object seen with
the naked eye. This drawing made at four evenings (30 Jan, 2 Feb, 16
March and 17 Oct 2007), with two instruments (114/500 refl., 20×90
binoculars). Three of the four nights there was no evidence of
colours, but the last time, at the morning of 17 Oct 2007, was great
transparency. Me and some friends stargazing at the observing terrace
of Szeged Observatory. I turned the 20×90 bino into M42 and gasped my
breath. The filamentary surface of the nebula was really colourful –
pale greens and greys at the W edge, intense light reddish-brown core
and rim at NE-E. Everybody could see this phenomena. So my final
sketch became colourful, too.After I saw the Great Nebula several times,
and sometimes sensed these niceties in the best skies.

Telescope: 20×90 binoculars
Location: Szeged, Hungary
Time: 30 Jan, 2 Feb, 16 March, 17 Oct 2007
Technique: black paper, colored pastels
Category: Diffuse nebula

Best regards, light
Gábor Sánta
Szeged, Hungary
Columnist of Deep Sky head of amateur astronomical magazine called
Hungarian Astronomical Association (HAA)

5 thoughts on “Gleam of the Hunter’s Sword”

  1. Compliment for your great sketch Gabor,the bino is the best instrument for this object.I remember one great M42 with my bino 25×100…most beautyfull than telescope,because the vision is …stereo!

  2. I agree with all a very beautiful sketch Gabor very well done indeed.

    I would certainly hang that on my wall 🙂


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