Messier 42 and 43
Messier 42 and 43

Nombre de objeto (M42
Tipo de objeto (Nebulosa.)
Ubicación (Observatorio Astronomico Orion)
Fecha (15-02-2015)
Medios (lápiz de grafito,.)

Bueno pues vos presento el dibujo de esta noche, que trabajo me ha costado.
Mas de una hora dibujando y a merecido la pena para poder plasmar tanta belleza en un papel con unos lapiceros de grafito, un difumino y mucha paciencia.
Que lo disfruteis.


[English translation via Google Translate]
Well I present you tonight’s drawing, that work has cost me.
More than an hour drawing already worthwhile to capture such beauty on paper with a graphite pencils a stump and patience.
I hope you enjoy it.

Flaming Star Nebula

C31 IC 405 Flaing Star Nebulawordssmaller
C31 IC 405 Flaing Star Nebulawordssmaller


IC 405, Caldwell 31 or the Flaming Star Nebula is an emission/reflection nebula that requires darkness and patience to pull details out. A 12.5” reflector was used here to observe and a NPB filter from DMG optics helpful. I observed & sketched the same object 3 years ago and didn’t see the details visible this time around. I would partly account this to gaining greater ability from sketching the object again with more patience this time around.

Proper motion studies of AE Auriga show it to be an ejected star from the Orion Belt region. Its chance passage through this nebulous region of gas & dust give it a “Flaming Star” appearance.

Heavyweight white paper, 2B pencil, charcoal and brush.
Photoscape to invert
12.5” Portaball 80X
NPB DMG Optics Filter

Cindy (Thia) Krach
Maui, Hawaii

Orion’s Belt and Sword

Orion's Belt and Sword
Orion’s Belt and Sword

Object: Orion’s belt and sword

Date: 28. 01. 2015. – 14. 02. 2015.

UT.: –

Equipment: – 72/432 Lacerta ED refractor
– 2” Lacerta dielectric star diagonal
– 55 mm Tele Vue Plössl eyepiece (2”)
– 2” filters:
Tele Vue Bandmate OIII
Thousand Oaks H-Beta
Thousand Oaks Narrowband

– GSO Port-3 alt-azimuth mount

Mag.: 8x

FOV: 6,4˚

S = 6 / 10 T = 4 / 5

Observer: János Gábor Kernya

Location: Sükösd, Hungary

Crab Nebula Binocular View

Messier 1
Messier 1

Object name: M1, Crab Nebula
Object type: Supernova remnant
Location: Lijiang, China
Date: November 27, 2014 05+30 hours
Media: Graphite pencil and yellow notebook paper. Scanned, inverted and processed in photoshop
Equipment: 15×70 Binoculars

Conditions: Clear sky with no moon, seeing 2/3, Bortle 5, Constellation above 60 degrees over the horizon.

Hello dear ASOD friends,

Since last time from Bogota Colombia, me and my family decided to move to Lijiang China. This is a very clean air “little” city (800000 hab aprox) and thanks to that and its altitude (2400 meters above sea level), I have had wonderful clear and dark nights to enjoy. Although it is only me and my binos since I sold my scope in Colombia, these skies have given me the most pleasant views of dim sky objects and now I am having the opportunity to add more and more dim DSOs to me sketching list. Let me invite you all to take a look in my blog for more sketches: pollutedskiesstargazing.blogspot.com

Clear skies and warm beds 🙂


The Horsehead Area with a RFT

Horsehead Nebula Environs
Horsehead Nebula Environs

Object name: IC434, B33, Horsehead Nebula
Object type: dark nebula
Location: Cottage Grove Lake, Oregon
Date: Feb 21, 2015
Media: charcoal and graphite pencils on drawing paper, scanned to jpg

Telescope: 13.2 inch [34cm] f/3.0 on a night of incredible transparency
Eyepiece: 21mm Ethos giving a 1.8 degree field of view
Filter: H-Beta

Mel Bartels

The Orion Nebula from El Triunfo

Messier 42
Messier 42

Hi, ASOD. My name is Renato Trono Figueras from Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I’m 15 years old.

Objet Name: NGC 1976/ Messier 42/ Orion Nebula

Objet type: Diffuse Nebula

Location: A country village called “El Triunfo” (Argentina).

Date: 23/01/2014

Media: Digital Tools (Photoshop)

Seeing: Excellent

Transparence: Excellent

Weather: Clear

Telescope: Newtonian Reflector 4.5″ (114mm/ 900mm)

I hope that you post my skecth. Thanks you very much!

Sorry if my english is not good

Regards and Good Luck!!

Lost in the Small Magallanic Cloud

The Small Magellan Cloud, a dwarf irregular satellite galaxy of the Milky Way
The Small Magellan Cloud, a dwarf irregular satellite galaxy of the Milky Way

Object Name: Small Magallanic Cloud
Object Type: Galaxy
Location: Argentina, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Monasterio
Date: 22/11/2014 Time 22:30 Hs
Media (graphite pencil, white paper, digital tools.
Telescopio: Reflector 130-900 Eq2 motorizado.
Eyepiece: BST 18MM (50X)
Seeing: 6/10.
En esta epoca del Año, las Pequeña nube de Magallanes, se encuentra a un elevacion 50º, permitiendo una observacion muy comoda. La idea de la observacion era registrar e identificar diferentes objetos de la Nube Menor asi como tambien de sus alrededores.
Dentro de la Galaxia pude observar 4 objetos:
NGC 330 : Cumulo Globular.
NGC 346: Region H II.
NGC 371: Cumulo Abierto con nebulosidad.
Estos 3 objetos ubicados en la parte inferior izquierda de abajo hacia arriba.
Por otra parte, en la parte centrar de la galaxia, pude detectar una region compuesta por un Cumulo Abierto con Nebulosidad denominado N19.
Lo interesante de esta region en el cielo es que es muy rica en objetos, muy cerca de la Pequeña Nube de Magallanes, se encuentran dos Cumulos Globulares, NGC 104 y NGC 362, estos dos objetos, fueron incluidos en el Skech a pesar de que no entran en el campo del eyepiece, pero realmente es una zona del cielo muy rica en objetos y no podia dejarlos fuera del skech

Traslator Google:
Telescope: Reflector Eq2 motorized 130-900.
Eyepiece: BST 18MM (50X)
Seeing: 6/10.
This time of year, the Small Magellanic Cloud, is an elevation 50 °, allowing a very comfortable observation. The idea was to record the observation and identify different objects in the Cloud Minor as well as its surroundings.
Inside the Galaxy could see four items:
NGC 330: Globular Cumulo.
NGC 346: H II Region.
NGC 371: Cumulo Open with nebulosity.
These three objects located in the lower left bottom upwards.
Moreover, in the part center of the galaxy, I could detect a region composed of an Open Cumulo with Nebulosity called N19.
The interesting thing about this region in heaven is that it is very rich in objects near the Small Magellanic Cloud, are two Clusters Globular, NGC 104 and NGC 362, these two items were included in the Skech though do not enter the field eyepiece, but it really is an area rich sky objects and could not leave them out of skech.

NGC 6995 (Veil Nebula)

NGC 6995, "The Veil Nebula", a supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus
NGC 6995, “The Veil Nebula”, a supernova remnant in the constellation Cygnus

Object Name: NGC 6995
Object Type: Supernova Remnant
Location: Morella (Spain)
Media: white paper, graphite pencil, 7B, HB, scanned and inverted with Paint
Equipment: Newton 8″ + plossl 25mm + OIII filter
Sky Conditions: Clear sky, no light pollution, good seeing and transparency
Notes: Without OIII filter that nebula appears as faint “cloud” at the eyepiece field but I can see some structures along the nebula. Using OIII filter the image is incredible!, I can see much more details and structures and the contrast between the sky and nebula is higher. One of my favourite objects, awesome.

Thank you.

A Little Rose

NGC 2237, a close up of NGC 2244, the Rosette nebula, centered on the well known dark vein
NGC 2237, a close up of NGC 2244, the Rosette nebula, centered on the well known dark vein

Here is a sketch of an observation I did several years ago: NGC 2237, a close up of NGC 2244, the Rosette nebula, centered on the well known dark veins.

Instrument: dobson Obsession 25”, 635mm
eyepieces: nagler 31mm and Panoptic 24mm
power: 100x and 130x
filters: Lumicon OIII 12nm and Astrodon OIII 5nm
sky: SQM 21.15, limit naked eyes 6.4v
place: Observatoire des Baronnies, southern french Alps
length of observation: 107 min

Classic drawing with graphite, and pencil on 180 gr Canson paper, scanned and processed with Paintshop Pro

More details of the Observatory: www.obs-bp.com, of the observation: http://www.deepsky-drawings.com/ngc-2237/dsdlang/fr