Horsehead Nebula Environs

The Horsehead Area with a RFT

Horsehead Nebula Environs
Horsehead Nebula Environs

Object name: IC434, B33, Horsehead Nebula
Object type: dark nebula
Location: Cottage Grove Lake, Oregon
Date: Feb 21, 2015
Media: charcoal and graphite pencils on drawing paper, scanned to jpg

Telescope: 13.2 inch [34cm] f/3.0 on a night of incredible transparency
Eyepiece: 21mm Ethos giving a 1.8 degree field of view
Filter: H-Beta

Mel Bartels

4 thoughts on “The Horsehead Area with a RFT”

  1. Aloha Mel,

    A truly amazing amount of detail observed and relayed here. Great to see your work here on ASOD.


  2. Mel,

    What an outstanding sketch! Amazing view of the Horsehead you had, as a result of your sketch, we all get to enjoy it as well.


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