Messier 51 and NGC 5195

Messier 51 and NGC 5195
Messier 51 and NGC 5195

ASOD: ” M51 and NGC 5195″

Object Name: Messier 51 and NGC 5195

Object Type: Galaxy

Date: 04/12/15

Location: A Coruña, Galicia. Spain.

Media: pencil, white paper, color invert with Gimp.

Dobson 305 mm and Vixen LVW 17 mm (88x)

Seein: 2/5 (regular-bad)

This is my draw of this beautiful pair of galaxies. That night the seeing was not very good and Jupiter vision was suffering a lot, so I pointed at some galaxies. My north sky has some luminic contamination so the sky background is not totally dark. Nonetheless M51 shows a very contrasted image. I could see two arms and a darker space between them. The end of the arm opposite to NGC 5195 had weaker light but the arm that touches 5195 was clearly visible. A wonderful sight¡¡

Lost in the Small Magallanic Cloud

The Small Magellan Cloud, a dwarf irregular satellite galaxy of the Milky Way
The Small Magellan Cloud, a dwarf irregular satellite galaxy of the Milky Way

Object Name: Small Magallanic Cloud
Object Type: Galaxy
Location: Argentina, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Monasterio
Date: 22/11/2014 Time 22:30 Hs
Media (graphite pencil, white paper, digital tools.
Telescopio: Reflector 130-900 Eq2 motorizado.
Eyepiece: BST 18MM (50X)
Seeing: 6/10.
En esta epoca del Año, las Pequeña nube de Magallanes, se encuentra a un elevacion 50º, permitiendo una observacion muy comoda. La idea de la observacion era registrar e identificar diferentes objetos de la Nube Menor asi como tambien de sus alrededores.
Dentro de la Galaxia pude observar 4 objetos:
NGC 330 : Cumulo Globular.
NGC 346: Region H II.
NGC 371: Cumulo Abierto con nebulosidad.
Estos 3 objetos ubicados en la parte inferior izquierda de abajo hacia arriba.
Por otra parte, en la parte centrar de la galaxia, pude detectar una region compuesta por un Cumulo Abierto con Nebulosidad denominado N19.
Lo interesante de esta region en el cielo es que es muy rica en objetos, muy cerca de la Pequeña Nube de Magallanes, se encuentran dos Cumulos Globulares, NGC 104 y NGC 362, estos dos objetos, fueron incluidos en el Skech a pesar de que no entran en el campo del eyepiece, pero realmente es una zona del cielo muy rica en objetos y no podia dejarlos fuera del skech

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Telescope: Reflector Eq2 motorized 130-900.
Eyepiece: BST 18MM (50X)
Seeing: 6/10.
This time of year, the Small Magellanic Cloud, is an elevation 50 °, allowing a very comfortable observation. The idea was to record the observation and identify different objects in the Cloud Minor as well as its surroundings.
Inside the Galaxy could see four items:
NGC 330: Globular Cumulo.
NGC 346: H II Region.
NGC 371: Cumulo Open with nebulosity.
These three objects located in the lower left bottom upwards.
Moreover, in the part center of the galaxy, I could detect a region composed of an Open Cumulo with Nebulosity called N19.
The interesting thing about this region in heaven is that it is very rich in objects near the Small Magellanic Cloud, are two Clusters Globular, NGC 104 and NGC 362, these two items were included in the Skech though do not enter the field eyepiece, but it really is an area rich sky objects and could not leave them out of skech.

Small Magellanic Cloud

The Small Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf irregular galaxy interacting with our Milky Way galaxy.
The Small Magellanic Cloud, a dwarf irregular galaxy interacting with our Milky Way galaxy.

Object: Small Magellanic Cloud

Date: 01. 06. 2013.

UT.: 22h51m-23h42m

Equipment: 120/600 Sky-Watcher achromatic refractor, star diagonal

Mag.: 15x

FOV: 8˚ x 8˚

S = 8 / 10 T = 5 / 5

Observer: János Gábor Kernya

Location: Farm Isabis – Red house (Namibia)

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

Messier 51 (NGC 5194) and NGC 5195
Messier 51 (NGC 5194) and NGC 5195

Object Name: M51
Object Type: Galaxy
Location: Morella (Spain)
Date: 30/07/2014 – 22:18 UTC
Media: white paper, graphite pencil, 7B, HB, scanned and inverted with Paint
Equipment: GSO Newton 6″ f/5 + Hyperion 13mm (57x)
Sky conditions: Very good seeing and transparency, no light pollution and clear sky

Notes: At the eyepiece field I can see two white cores of different brightness and size, surrounded by a faint and grey nebulosity. M51B(smallest galaxy) has elliptical nebulosity and M51A has round nebulosity. It’s not difficult reveal two spiral arms around M51A’s core, which one of them ends in M51B. This is my first astronomy sketch.

Thank you.

M31 and M32 from the city

The Great Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 31 and satellite galaxy, Messier 32
The Great Andromeda Galaxy, Messier 31 and satellite galaxy, Messier 32

Object Name: M31 y M32
Object Type: Galaxy
Location: Leioa (Bizkaia) – Spain
Date: 2014-02-05 / 21h 15m U.T.
Media: White paper, 4B, 2B y HB graphite pencil, scanned and inverted with Photoshop
Telescope: Celestron OMNI 127 XLT
Eyepiece: Skywatcher LET 25mm (50X)
Transparency: Clear, City Skies.
Location Constellation: Andromeda
Assessments: M31 appears as a soft spot with a faint gray color, with a rounded shape. M32 looks like a star faded, dull and dim. clearly within the field only saw it 6 stars, I could sometimes see some more but very faint.
Comentarios: M31 aparece como una suave mancha, con un tenue color gris, con una forma redondeada. M32 parece una estrella difuminada, sin brillo y muy tenue. claramente dentro del campo solo veía 6 estrellas, aveces podía ver algunas mas, pero muy tenues.

For more details of my observation, you can visit my blog:

Thank you and best regards

The Vortex

Messier 51
Messier 51

May 5, 2013 I think I had a NELM alamost 6 mag (at my home in small Twon) .. marvelous night! Amazing clarity – good transparency and windless sky, … did an atmosphere very stable,

I’ve seen the spiral arms inside the hallo surrounded the white core of Wirlpool Galaxy.
The hallo was built of black and white swirls, they where quite visible .. definitely I’ve seen a bridge between the M51 and NGC 5195 and a few stars in the background!
I recommend You to observe this object in all apertures, it is always… beautiful!
Yours Robert

Object Name: M51
Object Type (Galaxy)
Location (Oborniki, suburbia, Poland)
Date (05-may-2013)
Equipment: Newtonian telescope 409/1800 (Capella 41), ES 14mm eyepiece
Object: – Artist: Robert Twarogal (Ignisdei)


Messier 51
Messier 51

I made this sketch of M51 with a 625mm (25″) dobson in a starparty located in the Margériaz, France.
The seeing was not really good and there was a few high clouds passes during my observation.

Object Name: M51

Object Type: Galaxy

Location: Margériaz, France

Date: 6th July 2013

Media: graphite pencil (3B, 2H and 4H) on 180g white bristol, then Photoshop CS6 for the inversion and stars processing.

Have a nice day

José Rodrigues

Arp 254

Arp 254
Arp 254

Another from the early hours of morning, Arp 254 a lot going on here beyond my sketch, but knowing of the interaction taking place and seeing the start of the bridge is quite an amazing thing if you think about it!

I have a little back log of sketches that I need to get out to you, I just did this one as it was a single and I wrote the blog pretty quickly!


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