Heart beating Ganymede

Jupiter - 2-3 January 2015
Jupiter – 2-3 January 2015

The beginning nights of this year l could study intensely the physics of the Jupiter and moons such as motions, speeds, approachings, etc.

Great seeing were on the nights January. 3, 5, 18th, l made 2 main body of Jupiter sketches, 100 of the moons’ movements brief sketches with my 13″ refractor during just only 3 nights and these were seems to surpass the total amount of knowledges about Jupiter system saved in past 20 years with my 5-8″ instruments.

Am 2- 5 ;00 , the seeing was maintained 9-10 /10 for 3 hours on 18th Jan. l could see even the internal simplest details on Ganymede that heart beating with it’s limb between expanding and contracting with a 2 -3 seconds cycle . You can see its one of the mouments here as a water color painting , the feature on the moon was not settled as one but changed as ” T,Y,<,V,X,*..." shapes in the eyepieces because of the hard 1.7 arcseconds dia observing object also because by the 4.5 Ju-Dia distant Jupiter's glare. l observed Ganymede for 1 hour , the features were seen 20 times with one time as long as 5 seconds in 3 minuts interval for 1 hour. The large grayish white "NPC of Mars like" looking feature was impressive. Notice the Io, Europa's circular disks transformed as strong ellipsoid at 3;20 , weak at 4;02 on 3rd Jan. when they approaching together in the center of the field of the eyepieces. lt was very much impressive. l prepared that night's moons contact time-site markings in their syncronous motions in my bird-eye view scale plans describes the objects' exact time-positions to seek light speed for following 2-3 months as the Roemer did 350 years ago. "Seek himself (or herself ) the light speed"... lt is a must for a ama-astronomer. K.S. Min 2015. 1.3 - 1. 18 320mm refractor x400-600 Graphite pencils, water color, acrylic, crayons , white paper South Korea KSMin_Diagram1


Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake)

Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake), observations of the inner coma -March 24 and 25, 1996
Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake), observations of the inner coma -March 24 and 25, 1996


Interesting structures was observed in B2 (Hyakutake) on two nights 24. and 25. March 1996
in high power of the inner coma! My two sketches shows the fragmenting of the nucleus over
2 days. I used my 20.3 cm. SCT. F/ 10 at 166x.
Some days before, on 20. March, the false nucleus was stellar with no structures observed.
On 21. March, I could see a 2 arcmin. very thin spine tailward. Read my info on sketches!
I used colorcrayons on black paper.
Loc.: Trondheim, Norway.

Have a nice X- mas and happy new year with clear skies ! Per-Jonny Bremseth.

A Tail of Two Comets and Algol

Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) - April 10, 1996 and Comet C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp) - April 10, 1997
Comet C/1996 B2 (Hyakutake) – April 10, 1996 and Comet C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp) – April 10, 1997


This is not often to see on the sky, two comet-tails with the star ALGOL
in the middle of them!!
The observations were made one year apart, but both at 10 apr. 21.00U.T.!
More info on my sketches! I hope you all enjoy the observations.
Both sketches were made with waterbased color- crayons on black paper.
Loc.: Trondheim, Norway.
Thank you for comments, and have a nice time under the stars!

Best from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Hubble’s Variable Nebula

Hubble's Variable Nebula
Hubble’s Variable Nebula


I send this time a most interesting nebula for amateur-astronomers,
the light- variable Hubbles nebula! Info on my sketch.
The observation was made from Trondheim, Norway.
I used color-crayons on black paper.

Have a good time and dark sky from Per-Jonny Bremseth.
N.B. : In Norway it is summer, and the sky is light, so nothing to see of stars!

The Lunar Eclipse From New Caledonia

Lunar Eclipse sketch sequence - April 15, 2014
Lunar Eclipse sketch sequence – April 15, 2014


Beau spectacle que cette éclipse de Lune du 15 avril, observée en Nouvelle Calédonie. Chapelet réalisé au T400x80 pour bien mettre en évidence les couleurs orangées. Dessin aux crayons de couleur sur papier blanc, puis assemblage informatique.


Nice show that this lunar eclipse put on April 15th in New Caledonia. Sketch was done using Chapelet’s T400x80 to include the orange highlights in the obvious places. Drawings completed with colored crayons on white paper, then computer assemblage.”-translation by Frank McCabe

The Occultation of Saturn by the Moon

Lunar Occultation of Saturn
Lunar Occultation of Saturn


I send you an old sketch of a occultation of Saturn by the moon!

This is the most interesting occultation of Saturn I have seen.

The rings were wide open and the sky was clean.

I used a stop- clock for the timing of this event. Info on the sketch!

For my sketch, I used color crayons on black paper.

Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Best wishes and clear sky from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Thanks for nice comments!

The Smoke Ring

M57, The Ring Nebula
M57, The Ring Nebula


This time I send you my observation of the wellknown planetary M. 57 in Lyra.

The centralstar was not seen in my telescope, but the ring is allways beautiful to see!

The west and the eastern “ends” of the ring was more diffuse, and the northern

part of the ring brighter and sharper. Info on my sketch.

The sketch was made with watercolor crayons on black paper.

Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

A Bay Between Tails

C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) - February 15, 1997
C/1995 O1 (Hale-Bopp) – February 15, 1997


This time I send again a sketch of the unforgetable great comet Hale-Bopp!
The observation was made the time before the fine spiral-bows appeared.
There was a bay of almost dark sky between the two tails.
C/ Hale-Bopp was the finest comet I have seen, and longlasting on the northern sky,
with many fine structures to observe in the inner coma.
I used color-crayons on black paper. Info on my sketch.
Location: Trondheim, Norway.

This year I celebrate 50 years as an amateur-astronomer (65 years old),
and have 330 sketches total!

Thank you for your comments and HAPPY NEW YEAR
from Per-Jonny Bremseth.