Occultation of Saturn by the Moon

The Occultation of Saturn by the Moon - October 26, 2014
The Occultation of Saturn by the Moon – October 26, 2014

Object Name (Saturn, Moon first croissant)
Object Type (Occultation)
Location (Artignosc-sur-Verdon, France )
Date (2014 Oct 26)
Media (graphite pencil, watercolour, white paper, Paint.net for inversion and crop)
Occultation of Saturn by the Moon

Here join a watercolour I made while Saturn just leaves the very young moon.
That was a very nice spectacle indeed!
The original sketch was done in B&W on white paper; the small brilliant point on the very end of the moon croissant was used to define the Saturn disk intensity.
The colours were added in my workshop and the inverted while scanning.
During the emersion (17:17 UTC) the moon was less than 4° up my horizon and the sun was only 6° behind. So the sky was still clear.
The observation was made with a 102 f/10 refractor and a 10mm Delos EP, no filters.

Clear sky to you all !

Michel Deconinck

Brilliant Saturn at the Dark Lunar Limb

A conjunction of the Moon and the planet Saturn - September 27, 2014
A conjunction of the Moon and the planet Saturn – September 27, 2014


I had plans to go to the summit of Haleakala to observe the occultation of Saturn by the Moon, but clouds and wind kept me closer to home. I was delighted when a patch of sky opened up and I could observe the wonderful phenomenon from home.

As I was observing Saturn get closer to our Moon I was struck by how small it appeared in comparison, appearing the size of some of the smaller lunar craters. I began sketching in the details of the Moon and noticed a few stars I wanted to include. I needed to do some erasures because one of the stars was occulted ~15 minutes before Saturn, an unexpected treat. Once Saturn made it to the limb I could not clearly time the initial ingress as conditions began to deteriorate. It was however brilliantly lit in comparison to the dark lunar limb. I noted time as 19:41:36 HAST when all evidence of Saturn disappeared. My sketch is as Saturn had partially slipped past the limb. I was unable to view egress as the Moon had slipped behind clouds by this time.

Occultation of Saturn by the Moon
Maui, Hawaii
SV102ED 79x
Black paper, white & black charcoal
Photoscape to clean up sketch

Cindy (Thia) Krach


Planet Saturn - July 25, 2014
Planet Saturn – July 25, 2014

– Object name: Saturn
– Object type: planet
– Location: Tarján, Hungary
– Date: 25.7.2014., 19:21-19:37 UT
– Media: sketch with graphite pencil, finished with a drawing software

After weeks of cloudy weather I was finally able to make a sketch about this beatiful planet.
The drawing and the writing of my notes took approximately 15 minutes. The skies transparency was quite good, but the air conditions were bad, so I had to wait long to see some details. I used a 102/1000 Celestron OmniXLT refractor and 170x magnification during the observation.
After the sketch was done I watched some other object on the sky, so I finished my draw at home, using my laptop.
I hope you like it.


Moon Race Watercolour

July 4-8, 2014 - Conjunction of Moon with Mars, Saturn and Spica
July 4-8, 2014 – Conjunction of Moon with Mars, Saturn and Spica
July 4-8, 2014 - Conjunction of the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Spica
July 4-8, 2014 – Conjunction of the Moon, Mars, Saturn and Spica

* Object Name (Moon, Mars, Saturn)
* Object Type (Conjunctions)
* Location (Artignosc-sur-Verdon – Provence – France)
* Date (2014 from 4 to 8 July)
* Media (Watercolour, white paper, paint.net to invert the result)

From July 4 to 8 Moon played with planets. From a purely astronomical point of view the Moon showed us some beautiful conjunctions, Mars, Spica and then Saturn. By the way the game was a little complicated with the clouds. What a season!
On July 5, the moon was still visible behind heavy clouds. The next day, I have not even been able to detect the moon light ! I had to invent the sky. July 7, when the Moon approaches Saturn, clouds returned to disturb the magic of the moment. I’m a bit fed-up about this weather, and I think not being alone!
The advantage of astro-artist on the astro-photographer is that we can complete our design. This time I have to add the missing lunar position on the view. And to capture those irritating clouds, I painted a hazy wash around the Moon as was the case on July 5.
The small hilltop village that served as a foreground is called Artignosc-sur-Verdon. I confess to being quite happy by this view. Artignosc is just halfway to two now well-known astro-spots “The Blaque” in Varages and the OAB in Bauduen. And ‘cause we are nevertheless in Provence, believe me above the clouds the sky is very dark!
Still … what a season!

To do this watercolour, I went out on my terrace at ten PM every night, sometimes before the storm, sometimes after and once during, being passionate or you do not. Every time I sketched some sketches in a hurry, and took two or three pictures allow me to keep the shades. At the workshop, I started by gathering the different positions of the stars and their locations relative to the village. In less than a week, only the Lunar race was noteworthy, Mars and Saturn are much quieter than the stars. Then I realized in reverse mode (colors and contrast) this watercolour. I just had to scan my sheet and reverse the colors.


Michel Deconinck


Saturn - May 9, 2014 and April 30, 2014
Saturn – May 9, 2014 (above) and April 30, 2014 (below)

Desire to see the more deep ancient lunar horizon landscapes lead me to build more larger instruments,

since last autmn,s first light I have 10 nights observations with my homemade 13″ refractor [lens from China 320/3700] which has a comfortable fixed focuser in equartorial mount.

With a glass 5 times more heavier than 8″ lens this 13″ shows far majesic views of the moon and planets than the superb 8″…… and but at least on the moon limbs , the details seems to equal…. yet.

Yesterday, on a good seeing night , I could see a great view of the saturn that I have never seen yet. —————-

13″ f11.5 refractor, x530, x770, x1050

Location ; Backyard home in South. Korea

White paper [A4, Daler rowney] , graphite pencils

The Occultation of Saturn by the Moon

Lunar Occultation of Saturn
Lunar Occultation of Saturn


I send you an old sketch of a occultation of Saturn by the moon!

This is the most interesting occultation of Saturn I have seen.

The rings were wide open and the sky was clean.

I used a stop- clock for the timing of this event. Info on the sketch!

For my sketch, I used color crayons on black paper.

Location: Trondheim, Norway.

Best wishes and clear sky from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Thanks for nice comments!

Side by Side Test: 5″ ED-Apo vs. 12″ Achro

Mars, Jupiter, Saturn - January 18, 2014
Mars, Jupiter, Saturn – January 18, 2014

5″ f9 refractor, x240 ]
12″ f10 efractor x350

location ; Backyard home in South. Korea
white paper [40 x30 cm] , graphite pencils , black ink
Date of observe/ sketch ; jan, 18. 2014.

Looking Back at Saturn 2012

Saturn - May 1, 2012
Saturn – May 1, 2012

Hi, I send my sketch of Saturn. The Saturn is my favorite of the planets. I live in Psary in Poland. The sketch I did on the night of 30 April to 01 May. I had a very good view of the scale of 8/10. Saturn showed a lot of detail. You could see the famous Cassini gap. The atmosphere was very calm and did not cause degradation of the image of this interesting planet.
I was using 200x magnification. My telescope is a Newton 200/1200. I used a pencil to sketch 2B and white paper. Using GIMP I added a black background, which gives a realistic picture of Saturn with a telescope. GREETS 🙂

Date 01 May 2012

Seeing 8/10

Power 200x

Telescope: Newton Dobson 200/1200

Eypiece: PL vixen6mm

Media: White paper and pencil 2B

Well Positioned Saturn

Saturn - April 11, 2013
Saturn – April 11, 2013

Apparent Magnitude: 0.2
Az./Alt: 180°/81°

Itajobi, Brazil
S21°19′ / W49°03′
April 11th, 2013
04h30 (U.T.)

180mm dobsonian reflecting telescope f6 dob mounted (ATM Sebastião Santiago Filho)
Antares 10mm Super Plossl eyepiece
Orion Single Polarizing Filter
GSO 2.5x Three-Element Barlow Lens
Magnification: 270 x

Seeing: Antoniadi II (good, 2/5)
NELM: 4.0

Media: Faber Castell 6B pencil on white paper (BAA form)

Hi, my dear friends. One year later I am back with a Saturn sketch.
I made this sketch in April this year, but only now I found some time to scan and submit it. I hope you astronomers and enthusiasts enjoy.

No clouds, no Moon and no wind. The night would be perfect, wasn’t by the seeing (Ant. 2) and the city lights (NELM 4.0). I decided to observe from my backyard instead of moving all the equipment to the farm.
Despite the limitations, the favorable position of the giant planet revealed several typical features, like Cassini Division, rings’ and globe’s shadows on each other and five of its numerous moons. C-Ring was not visible.
The five visible moons were Japetus, Rhea, Tethys, Dione and Titan.

Clear sky to everyone!

Greetings from Brazil,
Rodrigo P. C.

Saturno e luas 11 abril 13

Saturn in Good Seeing

Saturn - July 19, 2013
Saturn – July 19, 2013


Persistent cloudy, rainy weather here in the Appalachian Mountains has prevented me from seeing most of the best part of this Saturn apparition, but the clouds finally parted briefly earlier this month and allowed this view of the ringed world.

Because Saturn is now well past opposition it is lower in the sky at twilight and well down in altitude after dark, making good seeing imperative for a decent view. I was fortunate this evening because the air was fairly turbulent at sundown when Saturn was still above 30 degrees altitude but got steadier after dark, even though the planet was much lower.

Saturn’s rings are currently tilted at about 17 degrees which gives the observer a good view of the different rings and their features as well as the Cassini Division all the way around.

I got a good look at the North Polar Cap (NPC) but was unable to detect visually the distinct hexagonal shape visible in images.

Four moons were attending Saturn that I could see–Titan, Rhea, Dione, and Tethys. The fifth moon, Enceladus, was there too but hiding in the glare of the rings.

Saturn, among the most beautiful of celestial objects, was a pleasure to observe. There is still time to take in its beauty before the end of this apparition so good luck with the weather where you are!

I made this observational field sketch in my observatory using a template on white copy paper. Pencils used were 2B and HB graphite, charcoal (for the shadows), and a white Derwent Graphtint pencil (for the Crepe Ring).

Name: Saturn
Type: Planet
Location: Twin Sugars Observatory Friars Hill, WV USA
Date: July 19th, 2013

Clear skies,

Michael Rosolina