Barnard’s Merope Nebula

IC 349
IC 349

I have thaught it would be useful for ASOD members to have a sketch of this very little nebula, hidden in the light of Merope. It is very difficult to see, unless the seeing is very good, and it was the case.

IC 349, bright nebula
RA: 03h 47m 05s
Dec: 23° 58’ 40”N
magnitude: ?
Constellation: Taurus

date of observation: 2011 11 23 23h08 UT
length of observation: 77 minutes
Object position: Alt: 70°, Az: 173°
Observing conditions: SQMZ 21.41, mvlon (UMi) 6.4, FWMH 1.0” very good
Instrument: Dobson Obsession 635mm, F/D 5
Eyepiece: Nagler 3.5mm
Power: 890x

Sketch and final drawing with Paint Shop Pro and Star Spikes Pro

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4 thoughts on “Barnard’s Merope Nebula”

  1. BRAVO Bertrand … un beau défi relevé !

    J’ai déjà observé NGC 1435 mais je ne connaissais pas cette petite nébuleuse. Je l’ai inscrite dans ma liste des choses à faire quand la stabilité du ciel le permettra.


  2. Wow Bertrand, cela est toujours très impressionnant de voir ces défis 😀 Bravo ça me couple le souffle !!


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