Mare Imbrium

Mare Imbrium
Mare Imbrium


I submit my most recent sketch of a close up detail of Mare Imbrium of 1/1/12. First observation of the New Year for me & first attempt using white pastel & black artist paper for a moon sketch. I found it a bit frustrating at fist since I have always sketched in black charcoal on white paper for the moon. After I got the hang of it I really enjoyed the texture & detail I could create with the black paper.

I am currently working on an Astronomical League Certificate for the moon and I am amazed how much more detail I must learn to sketch. I want to know what every crater & peak of light is that I am recording on paper.

On this night I used my 8” Dobsonian & 14mm Explore Scientific EP
Seeing was excellent, Temperature 65 degrees F from 4000 ft elevation
Maui, Hawaii

Thia Krach

4 thoughts on “Mare Imbrium”

  1. Thia,

    That is a very fine sketch. The technique really gives you a deal of range.
    Well done.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Great hand Frank!! I made the sketches about Moon,,,i hope nextly to send in asod…
    Ciao Bravissimo!!!

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