The Big Cigar

Messier 82 (the Cigar) is the smaller member of the Bode’s Galaxy pair.

About 600 million years ago a Cigar ‘s brother (M81 Galaxy) destroyed
regularity of the galactic-structure, by his strong gravity

Due to their proximity a millions of stars explode as supernovae,
ejecting a huge quantity of matter in the tens of thousands light years
Las night I saw this deformed galaxy with magnification 165 x. The Cigar
like high power and need a good seeing and contrast. So I used 11
“Schmidt – Cassegrain on CGEM mount and the Sky-watcher eyepiece.
This sketch represent more than 40 minutes of staring at the white line
in the dark.

Yours sincerely Robert

Object Name: The Big Cigar
Object Type (Galaxy)
Location (Oborniki, suburbia, Poland)
Date (08-02-2011)
Equipment: 11” Schmidt – Cassegrain on CGEM, SWA SW 17mm
Autor: Ignisdei (Robert Twarogal)

4 thoughts on “The Big Cigar”

  1. I love this sketch, Robert; very patient observing (I have to admit that I seldom dwell that long on galaxies but perhaps I should. It’s a nice remeinder that the new galaxy season is upon us. Clear Skies!

  2. Robert,

    This is a springtime favorite on a dark night. Nice work overall and especially on that active core.

    Frank 🙂

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