Glorious Globular of the Keel

NGC 2808
Globular Cluster
Ilford NSW Australia
56cm f5 Dobsonian telescope
Field: 17′
Magnification: 354x
Sky quality meter reading: 21:62

Black Canford paper
White pen
White pastel pencil
White pastel chalk
White oil pencil
Paint brush

This sublime globular cluster proved to be a difficult object to sketch.
I almost threw in the towel on this one, as it was so dense with innumerable stars that it was just not turning out as planned.
Then I thought so what if a few stars are miss-plotted, a sketch of a deep sky object is never 100% perfect otherwise you may just as well copy it off an image.

3½ hours at the eyepiece later and I was satisfied enough to call it a day on this one.

NGC 2808 was discovered by James Dunlop in 1826.
It is one of the Milky Way’s most massive clusters and is estimated to be around 12.5 billion years old.

Scott Mellish

6 thoughts on “Glorious Globular of the Keel”

  1. Scott great work! I know how difficult it is to sketch an extensive globular clusters! Unfortunately, Kill and the other wonderfull southern constellations are not visible in the north i Poland, so we are sketches like this and photos

  2. Scott,

    I’ve never been able to see this globular from Europe.
    From photos I can seen how dense and difficult must be to draw it.
    I think you get it! The crowdy it is and even the sphericity it show are great.


  3. Scott,

    You have out done yourself; this is truly an awe inspiring sketch of this globular. Although it is beyond my reach, I can tell from your sketch it is a very fine target.

    Beautiful work

    Frank 🙂

  4. I’ve never seen the globular cluster NGC 2808. I live in Spain. The sketch is beautiful. Congratulations Scott.

  5. Fortunatelly I’m from Brazil, so I’m allowed to see it. Man, that’s the best sketch of a globular cluster I’ve ever seen. Congratulations on your skill and patience, and thanks for sharing it.

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