The Brightest Supernova in My Life

Messier 82 and SN2014J - January 31, 2014
Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 31, 2014

I saw SN2014J in M82 on Korean New Year night.

It is very surprise event to me, since I’ve never seen bright supernova.

Already I saw some supernovas in 2011. (M51, M101, NGC2655)

But that is more dark than this one.

I feel some futility.. because it is too easy to observing 🙂

I drew a sketch with 10″ dob, black paper and white pastel & jelly pen.

And I compared with my previous M82 sketch.

It is so interesting, I want to share everyone!

(original sketch :

Messier 82 and SN 2014J – January 29, 2014

Messier 82 and SN 2014J - January 29, 2014Messier 82 and SN 2014J
Messier 82 and SN 2014J – January 29, 2014

Nombre de objeto ( M82 y SN 2014J )
Tipo de objeto ( Galaxia con SN 2014J )
Ubicación (Observatorio Astronomico ORION)
Fecha ( 29-01-2014- 22:14 T.U )
Medios (lápiz de grafito, carboncillo sobre papel con carta estelar impresa de guide9.0 )

El dibujo se realizo en 1 hora usando un dobsom de 305mm F4.8 usando un ocular explorer cientific de 4.7mm ( 315 X )

La Mg en ese momento de la SN 2014J y que se puede ver en la AAVSO fue de Mg 10.7

SN 2014J 2456687.41682 2014 Jan. 29.91682 10.7 — Vis. TJOB

Object name (M82 and SN 2014J)
Object type (galaxy with SN 2014J)
Location (Observatorio Astronomico ORION)
Date (29-01-2014 – 22:14 T.U)
Media (graphite pencil, charcoal on paper with printed star chart of guide9.0)

The drawing was done in 1 hour using a 305mm F4.8 dobsom using an ocular explorer cientific 4.7mm (315 X)

The Mg at the time of the SN 2014J and you can see on the AAVSO was 10.7 Mg

SN 2014J 2456687.41682 29.91682 10.7 2014 Jan. – Vis. TJOB

SN 2014J in M82 – January 26, 2014

Messier 82 and SN 2014J - January 26, 2014
Messier 82 and SN 2014J – January 26, 2014

Object Name: M 82-SN 2014J
Location: RA: 09h 57m 03.3s, Dec: +69 ° 36 ’58 ”
Magnitude: 8.4
Dimensions: 9’ x 4’
Constellation: Ursa Major
Type: Irregular Galaxy. Type Ia supernova.
Observing Location: Pueblonuevo Bullaque, Ciudad Real
Date: January 26, 2014.
Time: 00:15 Local.
Material Used: Graphite pencil on white paper. Reversed Image processed with Photoshop.
Celestron Telescope S/C 8″ Mount Cgt-5
Eyepiece: Vixen LV-W 22 mm Magnification: 92x.

More information:

New Beacon in the Night of M82

Messier 82 and SN2014J - January 25, 2014
Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 25, 2014

Spectacular view of the supernova in M82 on the night of January 25, 2014

Scketch made at La Hita´s Observatory in La Puebla de Almoradiel, Toledo (Spain).
22:18 UT

With graphite on white paper, looking through TEDI telescope (770 mm, f3.2 ) eyepiece 13mm and the red light of my torch (I call it “the demon” by its two red eyes).

The sky was really clear and pristine, relative humidity 80%. (4.5ºC)
Close to new Moon. My estimate Mag with reference stars is 10.5


A Glorious Supernova

Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 23, 2014
Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 23, 2014

Hi All, here is my sketch of M82 with the glorious Supernova, such a privilege to be able to see such amazing happenings in the universe from ones own garden 🙂

My estimate of current magnitude is Mag 11 to 11.5 using local stars as known reference.

I hope that you get to see it soon too, if you haven’t seen it already.

Good Night, Dale

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Messier 82 and SN2014J – January 24, 2014

Messier 82 and SN2014J
Messier 82 and SN2014J


I send a sketch of the great supernova in the galaxy M.82.
I could not detect any color in this SN, it looked white to me!
I also observed the SN in M.81 in 1993 (ASOD-gallery).
My sketch here is made with colorcrayons on black paper.
Location: Trondheim, Norway. Info on my sketch.

Best wishes from Per-Jonny Bremseth.

Bodes Nebulae: M81 and M82

Messier 81 and 82
Messier 81 and 82

Object: M81\M82 Galaxies in Ursa Major
Scope: 10″ Newtonian
Eyepiece: 36mm Baader Hyperion, FoV 2,07°
Date of scetch: 12.29.2012
Location: Kalteck, Bavaria, Germany

Just before the New year me and my buddy packed our gear and went on a small mountain where we occasionally enjoy the Nightsky . Though my friend is more into photographic Astronomy we sometimes try our skills at the same Objects and share our Scetches\Photos what’s great to compare. Especially if someone asks you if you can see all the colors and details through your scope that they know from Hubble images in Media.
It was a pretty good night with excellent seeing and good transparency. Only 95% illuminated Moon was a little annoying then. Bodes Nebulae are always a nice view.
Made a few scetches that night. This is my first one to post here. There’ll probably be more.

Clear skies

Messier 81 and 82

Messier 81
Messier 81
Messier 82
Messier 82

Date: February 25th, 2012
Location: West Desert, Utah
Time: 07:15 UT and 07:45 UT approx.
Equipment: XX14i, 10mm, 5mm Pentax XW;
Conditions: Antoniadi I
Objects: Messier 81 & 82, Spiral Galaxies in Ursa Major
Sketches done using the Mellish Method with the contrast adjusted in GIMP.

Two of my last several objects of this night were M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. I included them because of the Light Pollution versus Dark Sky comparisons I am wanting to do. Now I just need to the sky to cooperate at home! Nothing but snow that melts the next day and clouds since. M82, Bode’s Galaxy in Ursa Major. Pretty close to spot on how I saw it.

Somewhere in Big Bear


In attachment you can find sketch of famous pair of galaxies M81 & M82

Short description:

Object Name M81 – spiral galaxy & M82 – spiral galaxy with bar. Both in Ursa Major
Object Type galaxies
Location Budy Dłutowskie – small village in central Poland
Date 08.02.2011
Media graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
Telescope ATM ATROBINO (two Newtonians 165/650) + two TV Plossl 20mm eyepieces
Seeing 5/5
Transparency 4/5
NELM 6 mag

This time I have some kind of classic 🙂 Famous galaxies M81 & M82 in Ursa Major.
I observed it through the ATM ASTROBINO (two connected newtonians 165/650). It is great instrument for this kind of objects under dark sky.
Both galaxies were clearly visible with some details in Cigar (some “shadows” in the structure) . M81 – disk with brighter core, no more details observed.

Clear sky