Seven Enchanting Sisters

Seven Enchanting Sisters

M45, The Pleiades Star Cluster in Taurus
Sketch and Details by Tomás Ruiz Lara

This Sketch was done with a common pencil and with cotton to sketch the nebulae around the stars (Taygeta, Maia, Electra and Alcyone).
Equipment used, 114 mm newtonian reflector f/8 with a Vixen Plössl 32 mm (28x).
What to say about M 45? The most famous open cluster of the northern hemisphere. The vision with an eyepiece with low magnification is spectacular.
Seeing: 3/5
Phase of the Moon: Gibbous

Object Name: M 45, The Pleiades
Object Type Open Cluster
Location Úbeda, Jaén, Spain.
Date 25 – Sept – 2007

Tomás Ruiz Lara

2 thoughts on “Seven Enchanting Sisters”

  1. Tomás,

    Beautifully done. That is the way I see it on a very good night. Very nice work.

    Frank 🙂

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