The King’s Scar

The King’s Scar

Jupiter and Wesley Impact Scar
Sketch and Details by Michael Kießling

Two times I could see the Wesley Inpact Scar, first time on Aug. 1 at 3:55 CEST, second time on Aug. 4 at 0:45 CEST. Seeing was poor, (4-5/10 Pickering), but there were some useful moments for drawing. I used my TMB 130/780 refractor, magnification was 195x. I saw the Impact Scar as a faint spot, a little diffuse on its west margin and sharper in east. – In the lower sketch you see right beside the NTB/GRS the 5m.9 star 45 Cap minutes before its occultation by Jupiter.

Object Name: Jupiter with Wesley Impact Scar
Object Type: Planet
Location: Melbeck, Germany
Time: 2009 August 1 and 4

CS and best regards,

Michael Kießling

3 thoughts on “The King’s Scar”

  1. Michael.

    Very nice, detailed sketches of Jupiter. You got a good look at the impact area, too. Seeing the occultation of 45 Cap must have been exciting.

    Michael Rosolina
    Friars Hill, WV USA

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