I have a new submission for you. I have been working on this series of our solar system for some time now and plan to complete it someday. Each one has been a labor of love.

Object Name Venus
Object Type Planet
Location studio
Date completed 4/1/15
Media graphite on archival paper

Thank you!

Erika McGinnis
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Artistic Quasar

Artistic representation of a quasar
Artistic representation of a quasar

Description:. “In the forum in which I participate, we made a contest of artistic drawing astronomical Here, drawing a part QUASAR with most steps below.


Dither No.4
Dither No. 6
Pencil 2B
The digitization was done with Photoshop. Details were highlighted, the colors changed, and a Hubble image background is added, to give a more realistic touch. ”

Hernan “Moska” Garcia

Manager Deep Space – Astronomy Forum Argentino

Descripcion: “En el foro en el cual participio, hicimos un concurso de dibujo astronomico artistico. En este caso, participe dibujando un QUASAR, el cual paso a mostarles a continuacion.


Difumino N°4
Difumino N°6
Lapiz 2B
La digitalizacion se realizo con Photoshop. Se resaltaron detalles, se cambio los colores, y se agrego una imagen del Hubble de fondo, para darle un toque mas realista.”

Jupiter’s Wondrous Red Spot

Jupiter's Great Red Spot
Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

This is the drawing I have made last year. ….
It represents the Great Red Spot of Jupiter.I have mentioned the details of the drawing below.Thank you.
Object Name : Jupiter
Object Type : Planet
Location : Pune, Maharashtra, India.
Date : 28 June 2012
Media : Canvass and acrylic colors

Thanks & Regards,
Amruta Sunil Pund

Exoplanet KOI-172.02

Exoplanet KOI-172.02 - Artist's Impression
Exoplanet KOI-172.02 – Artist’s Impression

Object Name: KOI-172.02
Object Type: Exoplanet
Location: Lith, the Netherlands
Date: 26-01-2013
Media: Photoshop CS5

Recently, a new planet is discovered by astronomers affiliated with the Kepler Mission Space Observatory. No big deal you might think. Well, it probably is a big deal because this is not a normal planet. KOI-172.02 (what is the scientific name of the object), is a candidate exoplanet that is a so called Super-Earth.

The planet has a radius of 1.54 times that of the Earth, and orbits a sun-like star, named KOI 172. This is a G-type star which is somewhat cooler than our own sun. KOI-172.02 lies within the habitable zone of his star. A zone where liquid water could exist on the surface of the planet. Scientists claim the exoplanet, if confirmed, could be a prime candidate to host alien life.

Imagine yourself being in a spaceship at approximately 1.040 light years from Earth. You are getting close to the just discovered Super-Earth, and you’ll be the first who will know if this planet contains life or not. Anyway, it will be a unforgettable experience.

Thanks for watching,

Rutger Teule

Leaving the Local Group

Voyager, Milky Way and M31
Voyager, Milky Way and M31

Dear ASOD,

Hereby I would like you to send a sketch I made of the Voyager Probe, which is currently in Interstellar space. The sketch isn’t realistic, but it is supposed to depict a véry far future where the probe is leaving our Local group.

Best Regards,

Marijn van de Ruit
The Netherlands
Object Name (Voyager Probe/Milkyway/M31)
Object Type (Galaxy)
Location (Home Sofa )
Date (30-10-2011)
Media (Simple pencile, tortillon)