Leaving the Local Group

Voyager, Milky Way and M31
Voyager, Milky Way and M31

Dear ASOD,

Hereby I would like you to send a sketch I made of the Voyager Probe, which is currently in Interstellar space. The sketch isn’t realistic, but it is supposed to depict a véry far future where the probe is leaving our Local group.

Best Regards,

Marijn van de Ruit
The Netherlands
Object Name (Voyager Probe/Milkyway/M31)
Object Type (Galaxy)
Location (Home Sofa )
Date (30-10-2011)
Media (Simple pencile, tortillon)

2 thoughts on “Leaving the Local Group”

  1. Marijn,

    I don’t often think about the voyager probes much anymore but they are certainly out there. Voyager 1 is currently 119 astronomical units from earth and Voyager 2 about 97 a.u. away.
    The JPL website has some nice animations of the trip since 1977.
    Nice drawing.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Indeed the animations are great, It’s also nice to see that you can see their current distance to the sun (live) increasing by the second, on the internet.

    Ofcourse the probe is never actually going to leave our Galaxy because it’s not going to counter the gravitaional pull of the Milkyway, but still it was an interesting idea for a sketch.. they are still out their, and probably will always be.


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