I have a new submission for you. I have been working on this series of our solar system for some time now and plan to complete it someday. Each one has been a labor of love.

Object Name Venus
Object Type Planet
Location studio
Date completed 4/1/15
Media graphite on archival paper

Thank you!

Erika McGinnis
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Venus and Mercury After Sunset, release 2

Venus, Mercury and Meteor - 10 January 2015
Venus, Mercury and Meteor – 10 January 2015
Venus, Mercury - 10 January 2015
Venus, Mercury – 10 January 2015

Object Name (Venus and Mercury)
Object Type (Plante conjunction and meteor)
Location (Artignosc-sur-Verdon France)
Date (Jan 10th 2015)
Media (watercolor, white paper, inverted after scan)

January the 10th the two inner planets of our solar system are very close. Following the nice pastel sketch made by Frank Jan 6th (ASOD Feb 2nd) I will take the opportunity to compare its view with this I made 4 days later.
While my watercolor session, a probable Quadrantide meteor produce a brilliant flash.

The two planets are easily seen in the field of my UWA EP.

Clear sky to you all !

Michel Deconinck

Venus-Uranus-Mars—Two Conjunctions

Conjunctions of Venus, Mars and Uranus - 11 March 2015
Conjunctions of Venus, Mars and Uranus – 11 March 2015

Object Name (Venus, Mars, Uranus)
Object Type (Planet conjunctions)
Location (Artignosc-sur-Verdon – Provence, France)
Date (11/03/2015)
Media (graphite pencil, watercolour pencils, white watercolour paper,

I always have issue to find Uranus, without GoTo, it’s not so easy…and I don’t like facility…
Thinks are moving in our planet system. It’s why “planetos” in Greek means “vagabond”.
So I use the opportunity of this double conjunction just a week from each other to find Uranus and its so nice colour.
The Venus-Uranus separation was 5.2’ Venus was 10’000 more brilliant than Uranus, while the separation between Mars and Uranus, one week later was 16.25’
The faint K star between Mars and Uranus is HIP 4325 mag=9.5, so no Uranus satellites were visible with my material.

I sketch the two fields on white watercolour paper with inverted method using a chromatic wheel, orange for Venus, blue for Mars and crimson red for Uranus then I just have to invert the two sketches after scanning. The deal is to manage the colour values in inverted mode.

Clear sky to you all, and for some of you I wish you a nice eclipse on Mart 20.

Michel Deconinck Aquarellia – Astronomie

Planetary Alignment – Mercury, Venus, Mars

Mercury, Venus, Mars - 9 January 2015
Mercury, Venus, Mars – 9 January 2015

Object Name: Mercury, Venus and Mars

Object Type: Planet

Date: 1/9/2015

Location: A Coruña, Galicia. Spain.

Media: drawing on picture, edited and enhanced with Gimp

Nikon binoculars 15×70 IF HP

SeeIng: 2/5. Some clouds

This drawing shows the planetary alignment in these days. As the picture taken with the phone was very bad, I decided to draw a picture that showed the beauty of the image.
The brightness of Venus is seen against the weaker yellow Mercury. The red glow of Mars came a bit latter and sharing view with it, the star Iota Aquarii showed its pale white light.

Venus and Mercury in Same FOV

Venus & Mercury - 10 January 2015
Venus & Mercury – 10 January 2015

I observed Venus & Mercury together in the same FOV on January 10, 2015 from 14:30 to 16:00 hr MST here in Tucson, Arizona USA with a Celestron Nexstar 11 f10 GPS stopped down to 4.5″, a 2″ diagonal and a 2″ University Optics 32mm Ultra Wide eyepiece (AFOV 80 deg). The field of view was 0.95 and Venus & Mercury fit into the same FOV comfortably. Venus was a bright, white, full orb and Mercury appeared as a very small disk with a pinkish – white color. It appeared that 3 Mercurys could fit across the disk of Venus. Seeing was very good around 3:15 PM so centered on Mercury and increased the power to 259X using a Meade Ultra Wide 8.8mm AFO 84 deg eyepiece. Mercury showed a nice quarter phase with a nice pale pink disk; moving over to Venus and the full phase, white disk showed very well. The color sketch was done using application to record the observation.

Conjunction Venus, Mars and Moon

Conjunction Venus, Mars and moon - 20 February 2015
Conjunction Venus, Mars and moon – 20 February 2015

Object Name: Venus, Mars and moon
Object Type: Conjunction
Location: Mystków, Poland
Date 20.02.2015, ~17:00 UT
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, PhotoFiltre 7

Hello everyone.
This is my latest sketch conjunction of Venus and Mars. The planet was near the moon, one day after the new moon. You can see the moon was light gray. When sketching, the sky was clear, visibility was very good, light wind was blowing.

Conjunction of Venus and Mercury – 18 January 2015

Conjunction of Venus and Mercury - 18 January 2015
Conjunction of Venus and Mercury – 18 January 2015

Living in Eastbourne, I am lucky enough to have the famous cliffs at the end of the South Downs close by; the panoramic views they afford are ideal for watching sunrises and sunsets, which are frequently rendered even more beautiful by dramatic coastal clouds. On Sunday 18th January I was driving back from a visit to the beach further east at Normans Bay, when I noticed a break opening up in the blanket of cloud to the west. Instead of heading home I made the short detour up to Beachy Head, where I was treated to this wonderfully picturesque celestial scene.

Best regards and clear skies, Oli

18/01/15 18:45 UT
Soft pastels on Rembrandt pastel paper with acrylic paint for Venus

Venus and Jupiter in conjunction

The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus - August 8, 2014
The conjunction of Jupiter and Venus – August 8, 2014

Object name: Venus and Jupiter in conjunction
Object type: planetary conjunction
Location: Frosinone, Italy, 8th agust 2014
Instruments: 8″ schmidt cassegrain

Here’s a sketch of the beautiful conjunction between Jupiter and Venus. This is exactly what i saw with my C8 🙂

you can find more sketches on my blog

Conjunction over an Italian town skyline

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter - August 18, 2014
Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter – August 18, 2014

Object Name– Venus, Jupiter
Object Type Conjunction of planets
Location Pesaro, Italy
Date 18th August 2014

I woke up early at 5:00 o’clock to take a look at this marvelous conjunction. It was still night at the time and I was surprised with a mighty view of the rising Orion. I waited on my balcony for until the planets were visible over the roofs in front me. I quickly took my pencil and drew what I saw on the eyepiece of telescope, but the seeing was awful and just two moons were visible. The view of this two small lights dancing together over the roof in the cold morning was much more intriguing, so I tried to sketch the whole landscape. Never tried this kind of astronomy sketch before, probably my first landscape since I was a child.

Double Crescents

The conjunction of the Moon and Venus - January 2, 2014
The conjunction of the Moon and Venus – January 2, 2014

I got a quick walk up the hill behind the house this afternoon with 8×32 Nikon binoculars, I scanned for Venus at 16.20ut and was surprised to see a very thin crescent moon in the same fov, also even in the binoculars Venus was a sharp and beautiful crescent, I walked home quickly and made a memory painting in watercolours to try and capture a totally exquisite sight 🙂


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Venus at Inferior Conjunction

Venus - January 12, 2014
Venus – January 12, 2014

Object name: Venus
Object Type: Planet
Location: Lochem, The Netherlands.
Date: january 12th, 2014
Media: The sketch was created using Photoshop Elements 6.

Sunday in the afternoon I got the chance to find Venus 5 degrees above the sun!
The planet was visible as a small white arc.
I used a 8” Dobsonian telescope equipped with a 27 mm Panoptic eyepiece, that yielded 50x.
Location: Lochem, The Netherlands.
After a few minutes I switched to the 10 mm Delos, 135x.
Then I observed and waited for moments of relatively calm air.
These moments came and on then I was sure that the arc closed completely around the disk.
Adding to that I was also convinced that I saw the famous “Ashen Light”.
A controversial effect because how can the backside of Venus be visible in a daylight sky?.

Tom Borger

Daytime Crescent of Venus

Venus - November 30, 2013
Venus – November 30, 2013

Object: Venus
Type: Planet
Location: San Salvador, El Salvador 89° 13′ W 13°43′ N
Date: November 30th 2013
Media: Adobe Ideas for iOS on iPhone

I decided to look up Venus while there was daylight, as I hoped that the atmosphere would act as a filter for the constant glare I’d always observed when I pointed my binoculars to Venus. It was as I expected! Venus showed its current phase clearly, albeit in a minute form: I even think the FOV in my sketch is exaggerated a little bit. The inset image shows a “close-up” about how I distinguished the planet’s image; I tried to represent the glare Venus’s brightness created on my optics.

Venus – August 8, 2013

Venus - August 3, 2013
Venus – August 3, 2013

Hello all sketchers,
here is my sketch of very nice planet actual on the evening sky – Venus.
Last Saturday was very inspirating for me, so I decided to observe Venus in the evening. Seeing was not very good – 5/10 and it was windy. But i saw some atmospheric detail on Venus how you can see. It was very dificult but I made it!
I used my 8″ dobson with magnifications 150x and 200x and Celestron planetary filter – #15 (yellow).
At first I used OIII Astronomik filter but Venus was not so bright and filter killed all details …

Let’s check the sketch and write your opinion =))

Tom Perdoch
Hlucin (Czech republic)
20.20-20.30 CEST
Dobsonian 200/1200mm
8mm Hyperion (150x), 6mm Omegon LE (200x)
Celestron #15
Seeing: 5/10. Windy.

Clear sky guys =))

Early Planets

Mercury, Venus, alpha Libra, Saturn and Spica
Mercury, Venus, alpha Libra, Saturn and Spica

Please find here my last watercolour

Object Name (Mercury, Venus and Saturn)
Object Type (Planets conjunction)
Location (Rocbaron Provence France)
Date (December 5th 2012 5:55 UT)
Media (Watercolour on 300gr paper plus white colour for planets)

It was quite cold this morning 1°C but I would like to see the rising of Mercury from my terrace.
Bottom-up we can see: Mercury near the chimney, Venus near alpha Libra, Saturn and Spica .

Clear sky to you all, and if possible, with warmer atmosphere !

Michel Deconinck

Conjunction of Mercury and Venus

Mercury and Venus Conjunction - June 20, 2013
Mercury and Venus Conjunction – June 20, 2013

Hello sketchers

Here my last observation of Mercury and Venus

Object Name (Mercury and Venus)
Object Type (Planet conjunction)
Location (Val d’Issole)
Date (June 20th 2013)
Media (Watercolour for the landscape and graphite pencil for the planets)

During this very “non cloudy” evening with a perfect transparency, I observed this planet conjunction from my own terrace. I use a 10×50 binocular to find Mercury as early as possible, then with my 102/1000 refractor I begin to sketch this planet that I see with a pale orange light, until masking by the horizon. Some time after, I sketched Venus, with a more blue light. The EP I used was a 40mm to find the planets and then a 10mm SWA to sketch.

What is uncommon here is the apparent diameter of both planets, they looks very similar in size but with very different colours. In fact, Mercury was close to us, nearly between the sun and the earth, and Venus was far further our star.

Michel –

Michel Deconinck

Venus on a Cold Winter Night

Venus - January 27, 2012
Venus – January 27, 2012

Object Name: Venus
Object Type: Planet
Telescope: Synta SW 8″ + GSO #15A Filter
Location: Płaza, Poland
Date: 27.01.2012
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, photoshop cs2, inverted

Hello everyone. This is my newest sketch of one of our Solar System planets. I mean Venus as you can see on the picture. This is very bright and beautiful object on the night sky, but it is also quite hard to observing. Apart from this, sometimes we can see a clouds on Venus. When I was sketching it, I saw something a little bit darker than the rest of the planet and I think that it could be that clouds.
What about sky conditions? I can evaluate the seeing at 7/10, the visibility was very good, but the temperature was very low, about -20 Celsius degrees. But there is something amazing when you are sitting next to the telescope, looking at objects that are very far away when your fingers seems to be already frozen 😀

Venus In the Seven Sisters

Venus in the Pleiades
Venus in the Pleiades

Object Name: Planet (Venus)
Object Type: Venus in the Pleiades
Location: Bristol
Date 3rd April 2012
Media: Drawn at scope with graphite pencil on white paper then scanned and processed using CS4.

I used an 8″ SCT with a 40mm wide field of view eyepiece. Constructed the final scene via 5 eyepiece sketchs and composited them together. Scans into Photoshop and then remastered.

Weather was good.

Venus was quite dazzling and washed out many of the fainter stars in the M45 cluster, almost as if to announce that she was the real “star”! Venus itself under higher magnification revealed some dusky marks around the terminator. The phase of Venus was approximately half.


Chris Lee

Venus and Jupiter by the Members of Hungarian Astronomical Association

Venus and Jupiter Sketch Collection
Venus and Jupiter Sketch Collection

Dear ASOD,

I send you here attached a collection of sketches made by the members of the Hungarian Astronomical Association (Magyar Csillagászati Egyesület). We have 42 members this year learning how to observe and sketch astronomical objects who are all very keen to learn. These sketches have been made after movies of Jupiter and Venus, so the observation circumstances were realistic.
I collected the best sketches and put together to see how skillful they are without many practice beforehand.

Kind regards,

dr. Hannák Judit


Early Planets

Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the Moon
Conjunction of Mercury, Venus and the Moon

Please find here my (this morning) watercolour

Object Name (Mercury, Venus and the Moon)
Object Type (conjunction)
Location (Rocbaron Provence France)
Date (December 11th 2012 6:00 UT)
Media (Watercolour on 300gr paper plus white colour for planets)

It was quite cold this morning -1°C plus Mistral (north local wind)… but I would like to see again the rising of Mercury from my terrace.

Bottom-up we can see: Mercury near the chimney and Venus close to the Moon.

The watercolour was done on the spot, taking off the pigment for the planets with a brush when the paper was not yet dry. I add some hot coloration to the dark part of the very old Moon. Then I scanned the picture.

Clear sky to you all !

Michel Deconinck

Planet Meets a Cluster

Venus and the Pleiades
Venus and the Pleiades

Hello everyone.
I’d like to show you my sketch of one of the most beautiful phenomenons I’ve ever seen. I mean Venus meeting the M45 cluster. I was very pleased because one day earlier the weather was horrible (clouds, clouds and more clouds :D) but at conjunction day the sky was without even one cloud.
Despite the full moon, the Pleiades were clearly visible and also Venus phase was visible too. It was so awesome sight…

Object Type: Conjunction
Location: Płaza, Poland
Date: 03.04.2012
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, inverted

Transit of Venus from Alavi High school

Transit of Venus
Transit of Venus

I’m AhmadReza Hoseini from Alavi Association of Astronomy.
I and my َAstronomy students in Alavi high school in Tehran had a memorable Observation of Venus transit in 6 June 2012.
This sketch from Ali BabaNalbandi is the best in students’ sketches.
in addition, I attached some pictures of our observation for you.
Excuse us for the delay in sending this sketch.
We have got familiar with your site during this month and we hope to have better communications and interactions with you in future.

Sketch Properties:
Observer: Ali BabaNalbandi
Object Name: Venus Transit 2012
Object Type: Sun & Venus
Location: Alavi (High School) Association of Astronomy, Tehran, Iran
Date: 6 June 2012
Media: graphite pencil, charcoal, gouache, watercolor
Observing Tool: SkyWatcher 8″ Dob
Weather: Sunny and clear
seeing: very good

Yhank you
A.R. Hoseini
Astronomy Teacher at Alavi Association of Astronomy
(Alavi High school)

Occultation of Jupiter by the Moon

Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction
Jupiter Occultation and Conjunction

Hi, here attached my last souvenir

Object Name (Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Hyades)
Object Type (occultation)
Location (Néoules Var France)
Date (2012 July 15th)
Media (graphite pencil for the moon, and watercolor for the dolmen sketch)

So early! I observed with a friend of mine from 3h to 5h AM local time.

Close to Néoules, we have a good place with a good sky to observe the rising of Sun, Moon and planets.

The telescope I use to sketch is a Bresser 1000/102.

The two first sketches were made in this place; the watercolour was made just after the occultation, 5 km further. How many occultation this megalithic dolmen has seen?

On the watercolor, we can see the planet Venus and perceive the Hyades open cluster with Aldebaran

That was very early but,… what a wonderful spectacle !
Kind regards

Michel Deconinck

Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation
Jupiter Occultation

Lights at Dawn

Conjunction - July 15, 2012 - Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Aldebaran, Pleiades and Hyades
Conjunction - July 15, 2012 - Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Aldebaran, Pleiades and Hyades

Planetary conjunction at dawn: Venus, Jupiter, Moon, Aldebarán, Pléyades and Hyades.
Drawing made at 5:30 in the morning from the balcony of house in a village near Toledo, Spain.
July 15, 2012

Sketch made with graphite on white paper, inverted with Photoshop.
The sky was crystal clear and pristine,
A beautiful sight for the eyes… although it should be up early enough to see.

Hope you like it.


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Tasco Venus

Venus - May 3, 2012
Venus - May 3, 2012

Object Name: Venus
Object Type: Planet
Location: Mystków, Poland
Date: 03.05.2012
Media: Pencil, white paper, eraser, crayon

Tooling: GIMP 2
Observer: Kuba Warchoł (kubol0567)

Additional Information:

In the sketch, Venus is shown in the magnification 30x.
Observations made with a telescope Tasco 50×50
Weather at the time of observation: 9/10

Last Chance

Venus Transit
Venus Transit

This transit was our last chance to observe, you know. It was really interesting that I had literature exam!
OK, there are some words in the sketch in Persian, but I’ll translate them here.

It’s starting from that part which has :
Time: 2:44
Time: 2:59
Time: 3:29
Time: 3:59
Time: 4:29
Time: 4:59
Time: 5:29
Time: –:–
Time: –:–
(The times are not local.)

Object Name: Sun & Venus
Object Type: Star & Planet
Location: Tehran_Iran
Date: 06/6/2012
Media: White Paper + Black Pencil
Equipment: 130 mm Newt & Maylar Filter & 25 mm super plossl
Weather: Sunny

With Regards
Negar Najafi

Sunrise Transit

Venus Transit
Venus Transit

Venus as a star, once more,…

Object Name (Venus transit…)
Location (Néoules – Provence – France)
Date (06-06-2012 & 13-06-2012)
Media (red wine, graphite pencil, watercolour)
Refractor 1000/102

I made this sketch directly while the sun was rising, just with pencil on white paper.

I had to sketch very quickly.

Today, at home I used yellow watercolour and black for the dark part of the sky

For the clouds I used red wine pigment, from here we are in France.

I was on a hill, the time for this sketch was 3:50, 2 or 3 minutes before the theoretical sunrise time, so my telescope was downwardly inclined. Strange and fantastic souvenir.

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck
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Transit from Milad Tower

Venus Transit
Venus Transit

This sketch is transit of Venus in Iran. We have good horizon & the weather its so good & sunny the sky was clean.

Object: Venus transit & sunspot
Location: Milad tower_Iran-tehran 35° 44′ 40″ N, 51° 22′ 30″ E
Date: June 6, 2012
Telescope: 6 inch / Newtonian
Media: graphite pencil & eraser / colored pencil / with paper

Melika bidabadi

2012 Venus Transit Journal

2012 Venus Transit Journal
2012 Venus Transit Journal

Hey, can I send a compilation of my sketches and photos which I described in my journal of astronomical observations. Here I translated my notes from Polish to English 🙂

Sketch / note no. 1 – “The course of events in my telleskopie Newton 200/1200”
Venus looked like a solar disc immersed in the stain. Sketch shows its position relative to the Sun at 5:22. I threw the image of the Sun and Venus with a telescope 60/600 on the white paper, and marked its location. Then at 23:30 pasted this sketch in my journal of astronomical observations.You can also see a group of sunspots.

Sketch / No. 2 – “End phenomena”
During the final stage of the phenomenon of Venus was still evident. But the nearer edge of the Sun was located, the bardziiej could see “black drop effect,” which have said the sketch.

sketch no. 3 – “Goodbye transit of Venus in 2117 years or 20 125: (”
The moment when the transit of Venus ends the last of this century is very difficult. I held my breath. I’m glad I saw it but when Venus left the disc of the Sun at 6:54 I felt a great sorrow. With barely said goodbye Venus.This was my first and the phenomenon of this type, k, I thank God for good weather. I hope that the next transit of Venus seen from the sky.

Object name: Transit of Venus an the Sun
Location: Psary in Poland.
Telescope: Newton 200/1200 power 48x.
Date: 6 June 2012
Media: White paper, pen and pencil, my journal astronomical observations:)

Last in My Lifetime Pairing

Venus Transit
Venus Transit

Object Name – Sun and Venus
Object Type – Solar System
Location – Green Bay, WI
Date – 6/5/2012
Media – graphite pencil, white paper.

I would like to submit this sketch of the transit of Venus. The sketch was made with my 10” Discovery Dobsonion telescope at about 80 x using a Mylar solar filter. I first sketched the Sun and sunspots before the transit began and then added Venus at various intervals as the transit progressed. The numbers along the side are the times the silhouette of Venus was added, in UTC. I was only able to see about half of the transit from Green Bay. The astronomy club I belong to, the Neville Public Museum Astronomical Society, hosted a public observing event. We had a very large turnout and the weather was great. It was a very enjoyable day and I was happy to capture it in this sketch.

Thank you,

Brian Chopp

Venus Transit Aureole

Venus Transit Aureole
Venus Transit Aureole

After having travelled more than 400 kilometers from the Netherlands to a location at the Baltic sea in Germany, I gathered with a group of eight other amateur-astronomers to witness the Venus transit. From europe, we could only see the last two hours. But because of that we saw the most spectacular sunrise ever.

The sketch is made a few minutes after the start of the egress and it shows the aureole phenomene, which was hard to see due to some high cirrus clouds.
But at moments of better seeing, the thin line of the atmosphere of Venus was clearly seen.

The instrument was a 20 cm Newtonian @ 135x. Exact time of the sketch was 5h43’ UT.

Tom Borger
The Netherlands.

Third Contact

Venus Transit - June 6, 2012
Venus Transit - June 6, 2012

Object: Transit of Venus
Location: Pesaro, Italy
Date: 06/06/2012
Pencil on yellow paper, colour and contrast correction with Gimp

The sky was very clean, we coud even see Croatia’s mountains on the other side of coast. Venus was already there at about three quarters of her journey across the solar disc. I used a 32 mm plossl eyepiece to project the Sun on a yellow sheet of paper and marked the sunspots and Venus with a pencil. This drawing pictures the third contact.


Moon and Venus – May 22, 2012

Moon and Venus - May 22, 2012
Moon and Venus - May 22, 2012

I was in Mesa, Arizona for a few days and on the evening of Tuesday May 22, 2012, at 8:45 pm (local time) I was treated to a fine view of the Moon and Venus before they set in the West Northwest.

A sliver of the Moon was illuminated by the sun and the remainder lit by the gibbous earth (earthshine), a real treat for a mid-westerner like myself. I had some sketching materials with me so I made this sketch of the view on this warm evening 37°C (98°F).


Blue sketching paper, blending stumps, Crayola pencils (assorted colors), oil pastel crayons (assorted colors), Conte’ crayon pencils black and white, white and pink Pearl erasers

Venus was at waning crescent phase on 2 weeks from its solar transit.

Moon phase: 2.2 days old waxing crescent

Illumination 4%

Frank McCabe

An Imminent Rendezvous with the Sun

Venus - May 16, 2012

Location: Rocbaron Provence France
Date: 16 may 2012 – 9:20 PM
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, circle inverted while scanning

It’s always nice to have a look at Venus while so close to the sun, just some weeks before her sun’s rendez-vous June 6th.
I prefer to draw the brilliant Venus when the darkness is not too deep, then the contrast is more convenient.

Clear sky to you all

Michel Deconinck

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