Artistic Quasar

Artistic representation of a quasar
Artistic representation of a quasar

Description:. “In the forum in which I participate, we made a contest of artistic drawing astronomical Here, drawing a part QUASAR with most steps below.


Dither No.4
Dither No. 6
Pencil 2B
The digitization was done with Photoshop. Details were highlighted, the colors changed, and a Hubble image background is added, to give a more realistic touch. ”

Hernan “Moska” Garcia

Manager Deep Space – Astronomy Forum Argentino

Descripcion: “En el foro en el cual participio, hicimos un concurso de dibujo astronomico artistico. En este caso, participe dibujando un QUASAR, el cual paso a mostarles a continuacion.


Difumino N°4
Difumino N°6
Lapiz 2B
La digitalizacion se realizo con Photoshop. Se resaltaron detalles, se cambio los colores, y se agrego una imagen del Hubble de fondo, para darle un toque mas realista.”

The Most Exotic and Remote

Quasar 3C273

Quasar 3C273
Sketch and Details by Jef De Wit


This quasar (acronym for “QUASi-stellAR radio sources”) is probable the most exotic object that I ever observed, but it was also one of the most easy to draw (i.e. a simple dot). 3C 273 was the first object to be identified as a quasar. It is also the brightest and at least one of nearest of all quasars.

Its average apparent magnitude of 12.8 corresponds to an enormous absolute brightness of -26.7 magnitudes visually (about 2 trillion times that of our sun!). At a distance of 2.5 Giga light years (redshift of 0.158) this quasar is for most amateurs the most remote object they can view.

Finding 3C 273 is easy with a detailed chart. The quasar forms a triangle with two stars of 13.4 and 14.2 magnitues. The latter wasn’t visible in the 12″ dobson.

Hope you like it


Jef De Wit

Object name: 3C 273

Object type: quasar

Location: Wechelderzande, Belgium (51°16’ North 4°46’ East), NELM 5.5

Date and time: 20 March 2009 22.00 UT

Equipment: 12” dobson 7mm Nagler T6 (magnification of 171)

Medium: graphite pencil HB/n°2, printing paper, scanned and inverted