Messier 5

Messier 5

Messier 5
Messier 5

Messier 5

Object Type: Globular Cluster

Location: Tarragona – Spain

M5 is undoubtedly one of the finest globular clusters we can observe with our telescopes, But I have to admit that I was not able to show all the beauty I saw through the eyepiece, better to take a look for yourselves .

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Date and Time: 2015-05-09, 00h 10m UT

Telescope: SC Celestron 235mm (9.25″); CGEM mount.

Eyepiece: Nagler 16mm Type 5 (x146.88)

White paper, HB2 graphite pencil, scanned and inverted with Gimp 2

Seeing: 3/5 (5 the best)

Transparency: Clear. Rural skies.

Location Constellation: Serpens Caput

Position: R.A. 15 h 18 min / Dec. +02° 05′

Thank you and best regards.


5 thoughts on “Messier 5”

  1. Hi Oscar,

    This is a very fine capture of the great globular M.5.
    I like the background shading of faint stars.
    Well done!


  2. Oscar,

    A very fine capture of an all time favorite globular cluster.


  3. Oscar,

    Very beautiful sketch of M5. Nice details in the globular unresolved as well as resolved regions.


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