Messier 81

Messier 81 and 82

Messier 81
Messier 81
Messier 82
Messier 82

Date: February 25th, 2012
Location: West Desert, Utah
Time: 07:15 UT and 07:45 UT approx.
Equipment: XX14i, 10mm, 5mm Pentax XW;
Conditions: Antoniadi I
Objects: Messier 81 & 82, Spiral Galaxies in Ursa Major
Sketches done using the Mellish Method with the contrast adjusted in GIMP.

Two of my last several objects of this night were M81 and M82 in Ursa Major. I included them because of the Light Pollution versus Dark Sky comparisons I am wanting to do. Now I just need to the sky to cooperate at home! Nothing but snow that melts the next day and clouds since. M82, Bode’s Galaxy in Ursa Major. Pretty close to spot on how I saw it.

4 thoughts on “Messier 81 and 82”

  1. Hello Jay,

    the sketch of M82 is really good. It shows the black band quite good, wich seperate the galaxie.

    Very nice work. Go on!!

    CS Uwe

  2. Jay,

    These are two very fine galaxy sketches. You have handled both of them very well.
    A pleasure to see them here.

    Frank 🙂

  3. Very nice sketch Jay. I never have seen those Messiers because the light pollution in my city afecting URSA MAYOR.

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