Venus in the Pleiades

Venus In the Seven Sisters

Venus in the Pleiades
Venus in the Pleiades

Object Name: Planet (Venus)
Object Type: Venus in the Pleiades
Location: Bristol
Date 3rd April 2012
Media: Drawn at scope with graphite pencil on white paper then scanned and processed using CS4.

I used an 8″ SCT with a 40mm wide field of view eyepiece. Constructed the final scene via 5 eyepiece sketchs and composited them together. Scans into Photoshop and then remastered.

Weather was good.

Venus was quite dazzling and washed out many of the fainter stars in the M45 cluster, almost as if to announce that she was the real “star”! Venus itself under higher magnification revealed some dusky marks around the terminator. The phase of Venus was approximately half.


Chris Lee

4 thoughts on “Venus In the Seven Sisters”

  1. Chris,

    That is a very fine one. It is always nice to see a combination of targets.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Hello,

    I agree with Frank! A combmation of a planet and a nice group of stars are always beautiful! It is a great rketch !

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