Last Sketch of the Moon in Memory of Neil Armstrong

Autolycus and Aristillus Craters
Autolycus and Aristillus Craters

Hello Artists,finally,after a long time of inactivity about Moon sketch,i made my first sketch with C8 from the hill near my home. In this months i can’t submit my comments and my sketches cause the problem with my password. Excuse me for the long silence at all. In this sketch you see two craters near Archimedes, Aristillus and Autolycus. I hope like you.
Ciao artisti, Giorgio.

this is the date of sketch:
Site: Pergola, 24 August 2012
Time: from 9,40 to 10,45 p.m.
Instrument: celestron C8
Eyepiece: 12,4mm erfle (161X)
Seeing: Good,turbulence at the end ,drawing stopped cause the Moon down behind the hill….
The crater: Autolycus(40 km) and Aristillus (at right ,55km). Below,in shadow,Archimedes.

3 thoughts on “Last Sketch of the Moon in Memory of Neil Armstrong”

  1. Giorgio,

    Excellent sketch of that pair of fine craters from last week.
    They stand like weeping eyes for the loss of Neil Armstrong.


  2. Thank you Frank for your compliments….i was resigned to insert my sketches in this site….i have broken the long silence….
    Ciao! Giorgio.

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