Gassendi Crater

Gassendi Crater
Gassendi Crater

Object Name: Gassendi Crater
Object Type: Lunar crater
Location: Lombard, IL, USA
Date: 27 Aug 2012
Media: Graphite / charcoal on vellum bristol.

My first Lunar sketch – Gassendi crater on 27 Aug 2012, 22-23 CDT, observed through my 8″ ATM Dobsonian at 240x mag (Baader Hyperion 5mm).

3 thoughts on “Gassendi Crater”

  1. A well deserved place for your beautiful sketch, Marcin.

    Keep on sketching and sending your fine work!


  2. do not stop! for first thats not bad. dont forget, im just writing comments but im not able to do such sketch!

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