Mare Nectaris

Sea of Nectar

Mare Nectaris
Mare Nectaris


I present to you my last sketch of the Moon surface.
In the center of the sketch is Mare Nectaris and craters i.a: Teophilus, Cirillus, Catharina, Fracastorius, Isidorus, Capella and more.

Object: Moon, Mare Nectaris
Scope: SCT 5″
Magnification: about 178x
Technique: White pastel crayon on black paper.
Author: Aleksander Cieśla (wimmer)

3 thoughts on “Sea of Nectar”

  1. Aleksander,

    Yet another excellent lunar sketch from you. Great work with the central peaks and bright rim highlights. I also like the white high spots catching sun at the terminator.

    Frank 🙂

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