NGC 5560 / 5566

Interacting Galaxies

NGC 5560 / 5566
NGC 5560 / 5566

Object Name: NGC 5560 / 5566 in Virgo
Object Type: Interacting galaxies
Location: Sourbrodt, Belgium
Date: 16th May 2012, 23h UT
Media: graphite pencil on white paper, digital scan & interverted
Optics: SCT C11 f/10, CGEM mount, Hyperion 10mm (280x), FOV 15 arcm , SQM-L 21.2


This sketch was made at one of the few remaining dark locations in Belgium under almost perfect atmospheric conditions. This nice galaxy duo was quite striking with NGC 5566 the most brightest, moderate nucleus and a slightly elongated halo oriented NNE. With averted vision the halo is slightly more bright on southwest side with hint of curve southside. Nearby NGC 5560 is clearly visible as bright and elongated patch of light without obvious core or halo.

This galaxy duo is known as Arp 286 and actually consists of three members, the third faint one being NGC 5569 but not noticed during the observation. Observing this kind of objects allows you to challenge the limits of your optics and are highly rewarding for averted vision observations!

Clear skies!


2 thoughts on “Interacting Galaxies”

  1. Tom

    I enjoyed the sketch and report, but it sadden me when you mentioned the disappearing of dark sky locations. We must try to preserve what we have and maybe even reverse the trend.

  2. Tom,

    I compared your sketch to a good astro-image and when I reduced the brightness to match your sketch; the third member NGC 5569 dissappeared from view. Therefore, I would consider your sketch a wonderful true rendition of what was visible. Well done.

    Frank 🙂

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