Rose on the Sky

Caldwell 49
Caldwell 49


In attachment you can find sketch of emission nebulous complex known as Rosette Nebula (Caldwell 49)

Short description:

Object Name: Caldwell 49 – Rosette Nebula
Object Type: emission nebula
Location: Oderne – small village in southern Poland (picture made during Winter StarParty in Oderne 2012)
Date: 27.01.2012
Media: graphite pencil, white paper, color invert
Telescope: GSO 10” + Lumicon UHC + Orion Q70 26mm
Seeing: 3/5 (average)
Transparency: 4/5 (weak)
Outside temperature -21*C !!!
NELM: 5,8 mag

Another sketch made in extreme temperature (-21*C) 🙂
This time object which you can find on many photos but which is not so popular in visual observations – Rosette Nebula in Monoceros.
It is quite easy to observe with some UHC filter (Lumicon, Ultrablock) and wide-field eyepiece (1,3* FOV is necessary) even in 6” telescope.
In 10” or larger mirror you can try to find some faint nebulosity regions with some dust pillars and lighter gas areas (but really good transparency is necessary).

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  1. Łukasz,

    Nice sketch with temperatures that are far too cold.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Łukasz,

    It is fine sketch.
    Yes, -21C and sketching…. This is it, what tigers like most!


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