Comet Garradd and Messier 92

A Near Miss

Comet Garradd and Messier 92
Comet Garradd and Messier 92

Object Name: Comet Garradd and M92
Object Type: comet, globular gluster
Location: Cherry Springs Dark Sky Park, Pennsylvania
Date: February 3, 2012
Media: Digitally simulated chalk and white pencil on black paper.

I literally had seconds to glimpse it this morning, so my sketch cannot be accurate (9:30 UT). We were completely socked in. I waited 45 minutes for a tiny tear in the cloud cover to sweep rapidly across
Hercules. Then for another 30 minutes there was no other opportunity and I went back to bed. Now, a long wait under almost complete cloud cover makes you exceptionally well dark adapted… so I really believe it was the comet that I saw with the naked eye for a few moments as I was raising my binoculars with
shaking hands. Blue, near grey zone, altitude 2400 ft/700 m.

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