Aristarchus, Herodotus & Schroter's Valley

Aristarchus, Herodotus and Schroter’s Valley

Aristarchus, Herodotus & Schroter's Valley
Aristarchus, Herodotus & Schroter's Valley

Objects names: lunar craters Aristarchus, Herodotus and Schroter’s Valley
Objects: Craters, sinuous rille and wrinkle ridges.
Location: Teulon, Manitoba, Canada
Date January 5th, 2012 (7:00-8:30 CST)
Media: Graphite pencils, ink pens and some digital scrubbing on highlights to get brightness adjusted. Original sketch on white paper approx 5″ x 8″

Objects viewed through Celestron Ultima 8 SCT with binoviewer around 250x with fairly good seeing. The individual peaks near the terminator were especially bright. What really struck me were the two wrinkle ridges at the top and bottom that seem to end in craters (but not quite) I had difficulty sketching the brightness range so used a little help from Iphoto to get the highlights back to how I saw them. Because of the amount of objects included, the sketch took longer than usual and some shadow lengths from one end of the sketch to the other would reflect the time difference. Just catching all the turns in Schroter’s Valley is very time consuming. As it was, I still couldn’t capture all that I saw. This was a most intimidating region to sketch.

6 thoughts on “Aristarchus, Herodotus and Schroter’s Valley”

  1. great Sketch about this couple of craters,i hope to mede nextly one sketch with my new(used)c8.Great!!

  2. !?!??! Are you sure it is a Human who draw this ? Gerry, your sketch is SO realistic, I love it. You’r very talentuous. How many detail can we see ? I don’t know, it is just like if we were there, near the moon !



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