La Lagune

Messier 8
Messier 8


Here is a m8 sketch I made this summer.

It was the first and last time I observed this nebula (because I observed it early and here, in Quebec, we don’t have good sky every day !).

I was alone with the radio in a blue-berry field, at Dolbeau. I remember… I saw Sagittarius constellation I and took my ipod to see which object I could see in this region… Nebulae and nebulae it had on my app ! I decided immediately to spot one of them with my 10 inch scope.

The Lagoon Nebulae

Without OIII, I easily saw the stellar cluster (NGC 6530) and I notice some nebulosity. But when I put the OIII filter… it was outstanding ! It first look like a cat footprint… My field of view did no allow me to see the entire nebulae. I wasn’t no anything about this nebulae this night and it was the main reason I drew it: When I came home and compare my sketch with picture I was just too happy 😛

Object Name: The Lagoon nebula, m8
Object Type: Emission nebulae with stellar cluster
Location: Dolbeau-Mistassini, Quebec, Canada
Date June 26-27 2011
Media: HB sketch pencil and shder brush
Instrument: Skywatcher 10 inch, 1200mm of focal length
Eyepiece: Celestron Ultima LX 13mm + Lumicon OIII filter

Michael Caouette-Mansour

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