Allround Sketches – Featuring M13

Messier 13
Messier 13

– Object Name: Allround Sketches
– Object Type: Deepsky
– Location: Lith, the Netherlands
– Date: 22-10-2011
– Media: black pencil on with paper / PS CS5

The sky was pretty clear last week. There were two nights that I was able to observe the night sky from our backyard.
I made on the second night (22-10-’11) a few allround sketches from some of my favorite objects.

Here below you’ll see three sketches I have made:

Messier 13
M13: Globular Starcluster in Hercules. This object was very nice visible through the telescope (130/900) and the binoculars (10×50).

M45 in Taurus. A beautiful starformation that was very impressive through the binoculars.

Aldebaran & Hyads in Taurus: Also a very nice formation. These type of objects are best visible through widefield lenses or binoculars.

Thanks for watching!

Rutger Teule

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