Key Hole

NGC 3372, Eta Carine nebula, Keyhole region
NGC 3372 - Eta Carine nebula - Keyhole region

Date: 2010 04 17
Place: Tivoli, Namibia
Scope: Dobson Obsession, 20”
Eyepieces: Panoptic 35mm and Nagler 16mm (nebula), nagler 9mm and 3.5mm (Eta Car)
Magnification: from 73x to 725x
Filter: Lumicon OIII (old, with H alpha included in passing band)
Duration of observation: 55 min (Eta Car) + 50 minutes (nebula)
Process: sketch with pencil on rough paper, with notes and curves of luminosity (isophotes) in a scale from 0 (black) to 10 (most luminous DSO spot in the sky)
Final process: drawing made with Paint Shop Pro

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  1. Bertrand,

    Very impressive sketch of the ‘Key Hole’ from the dark skies of Namibie.

    Frank 🙂

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