Same Sombrero, Darker Skies

Messier 104
Messier 104

Object Name: M 104 (The Sombrero Galaxy)
Object Type: Galaxy
Location: Itajobi, SP, Brazil
21º19’S / 49º03’W / +450m
Date: 2011, July 26th
Time: 23H30 (U.T.)
Media: 2B 0.5mm graphite pencil on white paper, scanned and inverted
Telescope: newtonian 180mm f6 dob mount
Eyepieces: 32mm, 10mm and 6mm (all Super Plössl)
Seeing: Antoniadi I (excellent)
Observer: Rodrigo Pasiani Costa
Overall weather conditions: no clouds, no wind, about 20ºC and low humidity
Site conditions: farm about 3 miles from a small town, dark, low light pollution, naked eye limit magnitude 5.5

When I sent you my first Sombrero sketch, in December 2010, I promised to sketch it from a darker place to see the difference, so that’s it. If you search for the sketch called Happy Ending (M104 The Sombrero Galaxy) you’ll be able to see the huge difference between downtown and a dark place. Past July was a great month for me, I was allowed to observe many objects, including this amazing M 104. It was the first time I’ve seen it so bright and so detailed. Sombrero was 34º above the horizon, right toward the West. With direct vision only the nucleous was visible, however under averted vision the galaxy showed all its spell, as shown in the sketch. I hope you enjoy it, it has already become one of my favorite sketches.

Best regards, and clear sky to everyone!

From Brazil,

Rodrigo Pasiani Costa

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  1. Rodrigo,

    That is a very noticable difference in brightness from your last posted NGC 104 sketch. Very nice indeed.

    Frank 🙂

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