Transit of Venus from the Temple of Apollo

Hey Artists!

It is now One year left to the last transit of Venus across the sun for this time!
It happens on the “wrong side” of the earth for us in Norway, but in northern Norway
we can see it low over horizon in the night (midnightsun).
I enjoyed the transit in 2004 in Greece. Info on my sketch! I used crayons and pencil.

Best wishes for this on “the other side”!!

Per-Jonny Bremseth.

One thought on “Transit of Venus from the Temple of Apollo”

  1. Per-Jonny,

    Watched this one with keen interest from our local college observatory and with other interested early risers.
    Your sketch sequence captures it beautifully for all to see -great stuff- unforgettable.
    Let’s all hope for a splendid repeat.

    Frank 🙂

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