Messier 62 in Ophiuchus


I’d like to share my sketch with you.
Object Name: Messier 62
Object Type: Globular Cluster
Location: Poltava, Ukraine (49.52N, 34.57E)
Date: 2011 Jun 04/05
Media: graphite pencil on white paper, photographed and inverted colours, some post-processing in ACDSee
viewed with 20×90 binoculars;
Bortle class 5, no significant light pollution in southern direction;
clear skies, very good transparency, however some haze above the horizon might be existed, ZNELM near 6.1 mag;
the object is not so easy for my latitude, rising no higher than 10 degrees

Roman Kostenko
Society of amateur astronomers in Poltava, Ukraine

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