Mood of the Mighty One

Mood of the Mighty One

Lunar crater Copernicus
Sketch and Details by Andrew Phethean


I was a bit daunted by the intricacy of detail in the banks of the crater, so rather than render accuracy, I attempted just to capture the “mood” of the crater – the 3-D-ness, the grandeur, the complexity. Details follow:

Location: Aberdeen, UK
Conditions: transparency: IV/V. Seeing III/V
Time: approx 11.20 pm – 12.00 am (4th April)
Scope: 6″ f/8 Skywatcher Evostar
Eyepiece: 7mm TS Planetary (171x)
Materials: White and black Conte chalk pastels on A5 black 270gsm drawing paper

I only heard of ASOD today, reading Astronomy Now magazine. I was regretful that I hadn’t heard of it before, because I love seeing the work that people produce with their own hands. I’ve had a good browse of the site and am enjoying the work on there.

I have only made a handful of sketches before. My first was a lunar sketch of Gutenburg. I make DSO sketches once in a while to check my observations. I’m 21 and have been into astronomy for 3 years.

I have attached two sketches here. Both of which I was very proud to have published in Astronomy Now magazine.

Andrew Phethean

Webmasters note: Thank you Andrew and we will be delighted to feature your second of hopefully many submissions to come! -Rich Handy and Jeremy Perez

3 thoughts on “Mood of the Mighty One”

  1. Andrew you’ve captured the essence of this stunning crater beautifully. I almost feel like I could reach out and touch it.


  2. You definitely captured the mood AND the intricate nature of this lunar feature! Great depth of field and a wonderful sense of ‘seeing it through my own eyepiece’. Bravo! -Andy

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