Jupiter in Motion

3D Sketch of Jupiter
Sketch and Description by Fred Burgeot

From several of my sketches of Jupiter, I made a planisphere of this planet and a rotating globe that I would like to submit….The sketches were made between july 20 and august 17 from France with good seeing conditions (4 to 8/10). The scope is a 16″dobsonian (Mirro Sphere) with an equatorial plateform, magnification is 350X with a binoviewer, no filter. 1H15 for each individual sketch, 8H to make the planisphere (handmade), and 1H to map it on a rotating sphere with the computer. My friend Pascal Chauvet helped me in this last task.

Best regards,
Fred Burgeot.

Jupiter - Flat

Flat Version of Jupiter Sketch
By Fred Burgeot

3 thoughts on “Jupiter in Motion”

  1. Fred,

    Congratulations on this sketching tour de force! You were able to see and render an impressive amount of detail over the Jovian disk, including the Wesley Impact Scar when it was fresh. The flattened version is interesting to study and the animation is beautiful.

    Michael Rosolina
    Friars Hill, WV USA

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