Leo Triplet

The Leo Triplet: NGC 3628, M65, M66
Sketch and Details by Dale Holt

Last week using the 14″ Newt & Watec Camera, I sketched each member of the Leo Triplet individually. There is only a very small FOV using the camera with this scope but the detailed revealed is quite incredible. Have made 3 individual sketches I asked my very good friend & accomplished planetary imager Simon Kidd if he could make up a composite for me in Photoshop and add some field stars. He duly did this (something I couldn’t contemplate doing myself!)

If I do say so myself the result is pretty impressive, what do you guys think?

Sketches made using black conte pastel & blending stumps on white cartridge paper, scanned and inverted to white on black. All the magic is then carried out by simon :)

Let me know what you think? Dale