Spectacular Digital Plato


Lunar Crater Plato
Sketch and Details by Bognár Tamás, text by Rich Handy

114 km walled plain Plato is portrayed with incredible detail by Hungarian amateur astronomer Bognár Tamás in his digital represention. Plato is of Upper Imbrium age (about 3.8 to 3.2 billion years old). It’s broken and collapsed west rim speaks of a history of modification by lavas that have risen to nearly fill it’s now somber floor.

The data of the drawing:
Telescope: 3″ F/11 Newton and 7,5 mm Super Plossl eyepiece

Date: December 2008

This digital drawing preparated ArtRage 2.5 programs.

Observing Location: Zakany – Hungary, 46° 15′ N 16° 57’E elev.: 129m

Üdvözlettel !
Bognár Tamás

2009. január 24.

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