Double The Pleasure

NGC 869 and NGC 884

NGC 869 and NGC 884, The Double Cluster in Perseus
Sketch and Details by Daniel Stępniak

Wonderful Double Cluster

This double cluster is one of my favourite objects. It’s visible with
every equipment, even naked eye. The view is really impressive so I made
a decision to sketch it.

Something about the sketch:
Obiect name: NGC869 & NGC884 in Perseus
Equipment: Dobsonian 6″, Kellner 25 (48x)
Location: Sochaczew, Poland
Time: 17 January 2009
Technique: Graphite pencil

5 thoughts on “Double The Pleasure”

  1. Very good Daniel, I know just how hard open clusters are to sketch! I haven’t dare attempt the Double cluster yet ;o)

    Warm regards, Dale

  2. What a wonderful sight that double-cluster is! Thank you for reminding me that I need to get my telescope out and do some more viewing and sketching. A wonderful eyepiece view! Thanks! -Andy

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