A Dense But Open Cluster In Monocerus


M50 in the constellation of Monocerus
Sketch and Details by Ferenc Lovró

M-50 of Monoceros

This rarely mentioned Messier object looks like a diffuse, large spot even through the finderscope. On a low/moderate magnification a view of solid, dense open cluster appears in front of our eyes. A very nice member of the cluster can be found around 9′ north from the middle of the cluster: a red giant of a color-index of 1.7, catalogued as HD 52938. With its 7.82 magnitude luminosity its also the brightest star of the cluster. Interestingly, because of its shiny red color, I wouldn’t think that this star is nearly 2 magnitudes brighter than the other stars in the centre of the cluster, which look like they’re the brightest by far.

Ferenc Lovró

Date / Time 2008.02.12 20:15 UT
Telescope: 12” f/5 Newtonian 71x
FOV: 22’
Seeing: 7/10 Transparency: 3/5
Object / Location: M-50 (NGC 2323) R.A. 7h 3m; Dec. -8º 20’
Sketching Location: Nádasladány, Hungary

2 thoughts on “A Dense But Open Cluster In Monocerus”

  1. Fernec, I enjoyed your work, I too like to sketch open clusters at low power. I shall be following you into Monoceros very soon.

    Congratulations, Dale

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