Two Views of Venus

Venus naked eye

Venus over Brzeźno, Poland
Sketch and Details by Krzysztof Rajda

These two excellent sketches of Venus by Krzysztof Rajda demonstrate that the Planet presents wonderful views whether seen naked eye or through the eyepiece of a telescope. Superb work Kris!

Sketch information:

Obiect name:Venus
Amateur astronomer:Krzysztof Rajda

Venus 2

Venus seen through the telescope
Sketch and Details by Krzysztof Rajda

Sketch information:

Obiect name: Venus
Scope:SkyWatcher 150/750
Eyepiece:Vixen NLV9mm
Technique:Pencil,graphics GIMP2
Amateur astronomer:Krzysztof(Kris)Rajda

5 thoughts on “Two Views of Venus”

  1. Krzysztof,

    Very “cold” view of Venus. I see, you enjoy gimp. I am waiting for more sketch like this.


  2. Excellent work Krzysztof, very enjoyable and it looks like full cut off lighting too ;o)

    Warm regards, for a winter sketch, Dale

  3. Krzysztof,

    Beautiful sketches of the evening “star” both naked eye and and scope view.


  4. Very nice, Krzysztof! I love the “glow” around the planet in the telescopic sketch — very realistic.

    — Jeff.

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