Eratosthenes and the Apennines


Eratosthenes Crater and the Montes Apennius
Sketch and Details by Aleksander CieΕ›la

Eratosthenes crater and the Apennines Mountains on the Moon’s surface.

Object: Moon – Eratosthenes Crater
Scope: Schmidt-Cassegrain 5” + Speers-Waler 7,4mm + barlow 1,6x
Filter: Moon&SkyGlow
Place: Poland, Wroclaw – near city center
Weather: Good. Seeing 7/10. Light Pollution.
Date: 6-7 January 2009
Technique: White pastel crayons on black paper
Tooling: N/A

4 thoughts on “Eratosthenes and the Apennines”

  1. Aleksander,

    Your sketch is very fine. I can see, You are in love with the Moon. In Your picture it looks so cute, so I understand You! πŸ˜‰
    Good job!


  2. Thank You guys!
    Yes I am really fall in love in Luna πŸ˜‰ Now I am fully satisfied because when the New moon comes i will sketch the deep sky objects and when the moon will appear once again i will sketch its surface.
    …Up to the hilt! πŸ˜€

  3. Aleksander,

    This is truly a spectacular capture of a majestic region of the moon. It doesn’t get any better than this drawing.

    Frank πŸ™‚

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