The Beautiful Occurence

Moon occulted by Venus

Venus just before Occultation by the Moon
Sketch and Details by Aleksander CieĊ›la

Sketch of the beautiful occurence. The Moon a few seconds before occulting Venus.

Sketch information:
Scope: Schmidt-Cassegrain 5” with Vixen LVW 13mm
Place: Poland, Wroclaw – near city center
Weather: Bad. Seeing 2/10. Light pollution. Clouds oncoming.
Date and time: 1st December 2008r. 5:15 PM (17:15)
Technique: Pencil with finger blur
Tooling: Scan and GIMP2 working.

Webmaster’s note: I’ve got a few days worth of excellent sketches of this wonderful occultation that I think you’ll all enjoy.

3 thoughts on “The Beautiful Occurence”

  1. Aleksander,

    Wow! Yet another impressive sketch of the moon with Venus. Earthshine is wonderfully done.


  2. Aleksander,

    What a fantastic sketch. Frank is spot on with his description your capture of the Earthshine is wonderful.


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