That Rare Phenomenon

Moon Venus Occultation

The Moon Occults Venus
Sketch and Details by Giorgio Bonacorsi

Hi astronomy sketchers,all o.k.? Today I made this sketch with very difficult (conditions) :Cold,strong wind and clouds and at the end,rain! But I don’t lost that rare phenomenon :Moon occulting Venus! The clouds covered the sky,the wind was very strong and cold, but I take my little Klevstov and made this sketch.I hope you like (it). I lost the Venus exit cause the clouds,but I see the planet at 6,30 p.m.for one second!
At next,clear sky.

Site:Pergola,Marche,Center Italy
Date:1December 2008
Moon phase:3,3 days,crescent
Instrument:Vixen Klevstov 110/1035
Eyepiece:Plossl 25mm
Seeing:Good,turbulence,very difficult drawing
Air:Cold,very strong wind.

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