Messier 53 Globular Cluster

M53 Globular Cluster

Messier 53 Globular Cluster
Messier 53 Globular Cluster

Object Name: M 53 (NGC 5024)
Location: RA: 13h 12m 55.2s; Dec: +18° 10′ 08″
Magnitude: 7.7
Dimensions: 13′
Constellation: Coma Berenice
Type: Globular Cluster
Description: GC, B, vC, iR, vvmbM, star 12.
Location: Viso del Marqués. Ciudad Real. SPAIN
Date: May 3, 2014.
Time: 00:15 UT.
Material used: pastel pencils on black paper.
Celestron Telescope S / C 8 “Mount Cgt-5
Eyepiece: ES 14mm 100º;
Magnification: 145x.
Condition: NEML: 5’6 (Zone 11 Bootes).

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3 thoughts on “M53 Globular Cluster”

  1. Wow ! The vert n’est sketch I’ve ever seen of a cluster…
    It seems to be in 3D… The heart of a cluster is pretty hard to figure. You did it perfectly. It looks better than a photo. Respect man!
    Jean-Marc (FR)

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