Comet C2013R1 Lovejoy - December 4, 2013

C/2013 R1(LOVEJOY) Dec 04 2013

Comet C2013R1 Lovejoy - December 4, 2013
Comet C2013R1 Lovejoy – December 4, 2013

Object Name : C/2013 R1 (LOVEJOY)
Object Type : comet
Location : Laprade lake (Aude), south-west France
Date : December 04 2013 4h45 TU
Media : graphite pencil, white paper + PhotoPaint

Comments :
The LOVEJOY coma is bright and light green colour. A darker ring surrounds the shiny nucleus.
The tail is wide and about 10° long. It is rather white.
I saw it easily with binocular 10×50 on the left of Boots constellation.

Condition : A very good and dark night, no moon, no wind, pretty good seeing.
I could report mag 7 to 12 starfield.
No significative named star in the field.

Equipment : 300mm Dobson Telescope + 24mm Ultra Wide Angle eyepiece (mag X64 FOV 1.3°)
Sketch was made with pencil on white paper while observing the comet before sunrise (-2°C)
A bit of image processing was used to invert the image and give it some colour.

Jean-Marc SALIOU
A.P.A.M. astronomy

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  1. Well done Jean-Marc, another nice souvenir ! Don’t Forget to have a look at PanSTARRS C/2012 K1, and make another nice sketch.

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