Crescent Moon - February 3, 2014

Four Day Old Waning Lunar Crescent

Crescent Moon - February 3, 2014
Crescent Moon – February 3, 2014

An unusually clear winter day here in Chicagoland with high clouds racing towards us in front of our next round of snow. As twilight began the Moon remained at a good altitude for sketching as long as I worked quickly. During this sketch earthshine became exceptional but high thin clouds began to erase the fine view and heavy clouds ended the sketch before I finished.
For this sketch I used black sketching paper (12” x 14”), white and black Conte’ pastel pencils, blending stumps, white Pearl eraser.

Telescope 4.25”f/5 Dobsonian riding on an equatorial platform, 21mm wide field eyepiece 26x
Date and Time: 02-03-2014; 17:30 – 18:25 local time
Seeing: mostly Antoniadi III
Transparency: clear to overcast
Temperature: -6.7 °C (20°F)
Colongitude: 315.8°
Lunation: 3.85 days
Illumination: 20%
Favorable longitudinal libration

Frank McCabe

7 thoughts on “Four Day Old Waning Lunar Crescent”

  1. Frank,
    Another beautiful sketch of the moon! This is an outstanding widefield view that captures so much detail, all while you were braving the cold to boot.

  2. Juanchin, John, Giorgio, Rodrigo, Dale and Sebastian,

    Thank you all for the very nice words. You all sketch and know you try to do the best with what the heavens offer.

    Frank 🙂

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