Freckled Sun

Sun - White Light - February 4, 2014
Sun – White Light – February 4, 2014

Object : Star / Sun
Date : February 04, 2014
Time : 10:30LST / 03:30 UT
Location : Surprise Arizona USA
Medium : Digital sketch done on Iphone with apps
Instruments : Orion 25×100 Binos, William Optics GTF81 APO, 5mm Orion edge-on planetary eyepiece, White light filter, Iphone with PaintFX and Juxtaposer Apps.
Magnitude : -26.7
Weather : 65deg. F, Clear sky (in the morning), no wind and just great day altogether!

Comments: Greetings everyone! Please allow me to bring you this new digital sketch utilizing my Iphone. recently or should I say last month- January. The Sun presented us with one of the biggest sunspots in recent times. That sunspot being AR 1944, It crossed the entire disc of the Sun from our point of view and went all around to reappear again. Well, here I’ve done my best to depict it as it is already under way racing across the face of the Sun. It is now designated AR 1967. It also comes with a fairly huge companion group – AR 1968. As some of you may already know, these freckles on the Sun are ‘cold’ areas comprised of strong magnetic fields capable of hurtling solar flares or coronal mass ejections, CME’s for short. As an added reference, I superimposed an image of the Earth just for size comparison next to those massive sunspots.
Back to the sketch! Are digital sketches or drawings considered a genuine art medium? A medium for sure but I once thought that maybe it’s a bit like cheating. Textures, colors, filters and a plethora of other effects are already predetermined and laid out for you. I’d say, If you get to show and display the view or scene that you have in mind using a digital format and you succeed, then it’s all worth it. I like the the ‘old school’ pad and pencils but i had to give it a try. Enjoy!

Dark and Clear skies,


3 thoughts on “Freckled Sun”

  1. Juanchin,

    This is a very fine looking sketch of the large spots on the sun.
    Impressive to see and sketch.

    Frank 🙂

  2. Juanchin,

    Excellent ‘new school’ rendering of those striking sunspot groups. I personally enjoy the variety of mediums utilized by the artists on ASOD.


  3. Frank & John E.,

    Thank you gentlemen, it appears now I have another handy tool at my disposal. I’m still trying to master it.

    Dark and Clear skies,


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