Moon in Acrylic and Ink

Moon in Acrylic and Ink

Moon in Acrylic and Ink
Moon in Acrylic and Ink

Object Name (Moon)
Object Type (Satellite)
Location (Gołkowice,Silesia/Poland)
Date (5 ‎grudnia ‎2012)
Media (White/black acrylic/black ink/)

Add info:
The painting was made when i bought my first telescope (70/900 skylux) and i was very delighted with the beauty of the moon. So I study it for couple of nights, and with a bit of help of moon photos from the internet and map with the moon i painted two moon’s. This is the first one. And it took me two weeks to complete it fully.

best regards Przemo

10 thoughts on “Moon in Acrylic and Ink”

  1. Przemo Good catch, you get all the games of shadows and details of our satellite.



  2. WOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW Its really beautiful!!! I hpe one day i can paint like that 😀 Congratulationss! I really love it! Thanks for sharing it

  3. Przemo,

    Frame it and hang it on the wall in a place of honor.
    It is a fine painting.

    Frank 🙂

  4. Przemku,

    Bardzo ładnie to wygląda! Miło sie patrzy i puszcza wodze fantazji.
    Może wspólne obserwacje? Jestem ze Skrzyszowa.

    //It looks nice. It’s good to look at this picture and dream… //


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